Wireless Application Protocol

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Wireless Application Protocol

(protocol, standard)
(WAP) An open international standard for applications that use wireless communication, e.g. Internet access from a mobile phone.

The official body developing WAP is the WAP Forum.


Technical data.

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The pink W580i Walkman@ handset can store up to 470 full-length tracks and is perfect for accessing the huge catalogue of artists available on the Orange Music WAP site.
Features in the WAP site include e-mail listing and Click2Call, in addition to tracking all mobile Web traffic stats and text-message requests.
Worldwide Computer Products News-21 February 2007-Mobile Commerce extends Monetised Mobile Search to all WAP site owners(C)1995-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
The complete modeling process of the WAP site implies having a design class diagram for each one of the site pages; each site page must be incorporated as a component in the component diagram.
Waitrose will beat the other multiples to the next stage of internet development when it launches the first supermarket WAP site in a fortnight.
Web's Top Photo-Sharing Site Also Debuts New Mobile WAP Site
Besides, AdIQuity offers product such as AppNow to facilitate conversion of a WAP site into a mobile app.
As part of the partnership, the Opera Mini homepage includes a Jamba bookmark, which enables users to access the Jamba WAP site with one click.
A code will be inside the shirt, which when activated by a mobile will take the owner to a unique wap site with exclusive content.
In short, the WAP site is a simplified version of the web-based service, with the same range of sports, events and odds available.
Starcut is at the forefront of new product initiatives, including NBC's "Heroes" WAP site containing full-length on demand episodes of the hit series on Sprint.
0 also has a new module that provides report displays of a call centre in real time directly to a web or WAP site.