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see military lawmilitary law,
system of rules established for the government of persons in the armed forces. In most countries the legislature establishes the code of military law. It is distinguished from both martial law (rule by domestic military forces over an area) and military government
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On 24 March there was a further order from the War Council to Heamans: 'you are not to fail as you will answer to the contrary at your peril.' That evening various sloops and boats were seen making their way towards The Golden Lyon.
As Ahlu Sunna wal Jamaa gathered in Nairobi for its inaugural "war council", a man sometimes described as the movement's political face was also in the Kenyan capital to seek support.
OBAMA STILL SEEKING ANSWERS US President Barack Obama yesterday convened his war council to discuss strategy and the possibility of increasing its military presence in the region.
WASHINGTON: Hours after being named a Nobel peace laureate, US President Barack Obama Friday shouldered his duties as commander in chief and convened his war council for crucial talks on Afghan strategy.
SPRINGFIELD - The hills above Dorris Ranch Park reverberated with the ka-BOOM of cannons and the crack of rifled muskets Sunday as members of Northwest Civil War Council twice re-enacted a skirmish from the bloody conflict before hundreds of spectators.
Building an entire Empire using cunning diplomacy and uncompromising force is an interesting prospect and, before each battle, you'll meet with the war council to decide upon military and political policies for the kingdom.
They include retired generals hired by the networks to gab nightly as military analysts, or they are in the Rumsfeld-Cheney-Powell-Rice war council. They have inside information, we are told--meaning their theories are weighted with knowledge unavailable to the rest of us.
0000: US President George Bush discusses with war council new intelligence on the location of the Iraqi leadership and takes the decision to attack.
Downing Street called it a "diplomacy council", not a war council. Blair is likely to push for UN support.
But by November, the War Council had not yet adopted it, thereby intensifying a tug-of-war between senior officers who favoured sending all available troops to the Western Front and those who wanted a "flanking action" in Turkey or some beach in north Prussia.
Smith said: "The Abbaye is certainly an objective, but we will have to have a war council about the Stanley Leisure Sprint Cup at Haydock.
The next morning - 30 minutes before the Nagasaki bombing - Japan's Supreme War Council convened to try yet again to find agreement on surrender terms.