War of Independence

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War of Independence:

1 In Spanish history, see Peninsular WarPeninsular War,
1808–14, fought by France against Great Britain, Portugal, Spanish regulars, and Spanish guerrillas in the Iberian Peninsula. Origin and Occupation
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, 1808–14. 2 In U.S. history, see American RevolutionAmerican Revolution,
1775–83, struggle by which the Thirteen Colonies on the Atlantic seaboard of North America won independence from Great Britain and became the United States. It is also called the American War of Independence.
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But by degrees new life began to stir among the people, and in 1821 a war of independence broke out.
This war of independence began every morning before breakfast, when Charity escorted her charge to a neighbouring farmhouse, which supplied the Browns, and where, by his mother's wish, Master Tom went to drink whey before breakfast.
The nation is getting ready to observe the 47th anniversary of independence by paying the highest homage to the war heroes who made Bangladesh a sovereign state through a nine-month war of independence that began on March 26, 1971, reports BSS.
The war of independence sent a clear message: anything is possible if a nation really wants it," he said, referring to the 1918-1920 war with the Russian empire.
Contract award notice: The artistic solution and implementation of the scientific concept of the latvian war museum "establishment of the state of latvia and the war of independence (1918-1920)".
Israel proclaimed Jerusalem its capital after the end of the War of Independence in 1949.
Civil War was incidentally one event which shaped the contours of American history as profoundly as the American War of Independence.
ISLAMABAD -- The Mughal Society of Pakistan on Monday said Bahadur Shah Zafar was the hero of the war of independence and his role should not be overlooked.
8 says seeing Mel Gibson fighting the British during the American War of Independence has put him in the mood for a battle.
And the Texan said seeing Mel Gibson fighting the British in the American War of Independence has put him in the mood for another battle.
The country's Independence Day recognizes the initial start of the Mexican War of Independence on Sept.
In May 2016, another leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Motiur Rahman Nizami was executed by the International War Crimes Tribunal for his alleged role in such war crimes as rape, genocide and killing of intellectuals during the 1971 war of independence.