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(Abraham Moritz Warburg), 1866–1929, German historian of art and culture, b. Hamburg, studied art history in Bonn, Munich, Florence, and Strasbourg, where he received a doctorate with a dissertation (1891) on Botticelli.
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It is a German history, Jewish history, cultural history, and intellectual history refreshingly unlike most of the work on the Warburg Institute.
Proprio in concomitanza con l'uscita della moderna edizione curioniana, ma anche in continuite ideale con un preparatorio appuntamento scientifico londinese del 2004, si e tenuto di recente, sempre presso il Warburg Institute di Londra (14-15 febbraio 2013), il Colloquio internazionale Pasquin, Lord of Satire, and His Disciples in 16th-Century Struggles for Religious and Political Reform.
The Warburg Institute in London was celebrated in the October 1970 issue of Apollo for its open access and 'world of universal scholarship'.
He established the Scaliger Project at the Warburg Institute in London, where Jill Kraye gave generously of her time and expertise to oversee the project.
Os objetos de arte anteriores podem ter originado, ou vir a originar, novas obras, na sequencia imprevisivel dos discursos humanos mais significativos, reagrupando-se em termos de "acao" ou de "orientacao," de "imagem" ou de "palavra" (The Warburg Institute, 2014), permitindo "restituir ao discurso o carater de acontecimento" (Foucault, 1997).
Em 1944, a biblioteca foi absorvida pela University of London e o Warburg Institute e, ate os dias atuais, uma respeitada biblioteca e um importante centro de pesquisa.
Summary: Last week at the Royal Society in London, Professor Charles Burnett of the Warburg Institute, University of London, delivered a public lecture on "The European Discovery of Arab Culture.
Fueron tres las instituciones que se encargaron de la preparacion de estas jornadas: The Warburg Institute, University of Warwick y Society for European Festivals Research.
Gombrich, Arnaldo Momigliano, and others--whose intellectual community at the famed Warburg Institute in London produced such leading interdisciplinary work.
Gombrich, entao diretor do Warburg Institute, destaca a importancia, para o autor hamburgues, da leitura e dialogo com Usener, Lamprecht e Justi.
All are welcome to these two lectures in the Maps and Society series at the Warburg Institute.
With its origins in a Warburg Institute PhD, one of the great strengths of this book comes from Meserve's access to some of the major research collections of fifteenth century Italian humanist thought.