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, town and oasis, E Algeria. It is the administrative center of a well-watered oasis at the junction of several Saharan desert caravan routes. Ouargla lies in the heart of a palm grove numbering more than 500,000 productive trees.
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, Algeria.
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By the end of the thirteenth century, Ibadi centres were mostly found only in the remote south and desert-side towns like Wargla, Ghadames and in the Fezzan.
Fernandes Silvestre's Spanish army at the battle of Anual (July 21, 1922), and advanced into the suburbs of Melilla; proclaimed the Republic of the Rif (1923), and organized a modern army, including many mercenaries, and armed with machine guns and mountain artillery; a French advance into the Wargla (Ouargla) valley provoked him to attack them as well, and he advanced almost as far as Fez (April 12-July, 1925); turned back by a skillful defense directed by General (later Marshal) Louis H.