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An item which is designed to be mounted in or on a torpedo, guided missile, rocket, or bomb; it may contain high-explosive, nuclear, chemical, biological, or inert materials.



a part of a missile that is designed to inflict destruction on a target. In it is put the payload, the fuse (destruct system), and the safety-lock actuating mechanism. The warhead, which consists of a jacket and combat charge, inflicts the immediate damaging effect on the target. Combat charges of the appropriate type (nuclear and conventional explosives) and of the necessary capacity (yield) are used, depending on the size and vulnerability of the target that the missile is to strike. The capacity factor of the effect of a warhead on a target occupying a given area is its zone of effectiveness (killing zone). For an individual target, it is the probability of destruction (kill probability). Depending on the type of missile, warheads can be transported in the structure of the missile and also separately.


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We are confident that the new GMLRS Alternative Warhead will also provide reliable, highly accurate capability for our domestic and international customers.
The New York Times had reported on 27 April 1998 that Russia is helping India to develop Sea launch ballistic missile that can carry a nuclear warhead and can strike deep inside Pakistan.
MIRV made it possible to load each missile with as many as 10 warheads, each of which could be aimed at a different target.
The new DF-41 missile of China will use multiple warhead capabilities as the longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile, reported Free Beacon.
North Korea has long boasted of making strides in acquiring a "nuclear deterrent", but there had been general skepticism that it could master the step of miniaturizing a nuclear warhead to mount on a ballistic missile.
This is not as advanced as a Multiple Independently-targetable Reentry Vehicle (MIRV), which deploys multiple warheads against multiple targets.
According to Ford, warheads "yet to be disassembled" are stored at Coulport or as "work in progress" at Burghfield.
The country's increased interest in plutonium demonstrates its likely goal to develop smaller, lighter warheads more suitable for use on missiles.
The chart also does not illustrate the dramatic reduction in US warheads from the 12,000 deployed level in 1981 when the Reagan administration first worked on massive reductions.
Duration of the nuclear ban warhead elimination period is proposed to be either three or four years, depending on the higher number of either Russian or US nuclear warheads remaining when the worldwide, unanimously joined nuclear ban treaty enters into force.
On being asked about the process by which the warheads were moved, Musharraf said that while he was never given a "running commentary" about the movement, there were locations where the warheads were held and there were forces (the Strategic Plans Division) to look after them.
Israel does not need 400 nuclear warheads to defend itself against non-nuclear neighbors.