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An item which is designed to be mounted in or on a torpedo, guided missile, rocket, or bomb; it may contain high-explosive, nuclear, chemical, biological, or inert materials.
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a part of a missile that is designed to inflict destruction on a target. In it is put the payload, the fuse (destruct system), and the safety-lock actuating mechanism. The warhead, which consists of a jacket and combat charge, inflicts the immediate damaging effect on the target. Combat charges of the appropriate type (nuclear and conventional explosives) and of the necessary capacity (yield) are used, depending on the size and vulnerability of the target that the missile is to strike. The capacity factor of the effect of a warhead on a target occupying a given area is its zone of effectiveness (killing zone). For an individual target, it is the probability of destruction (kill probability). Depending on the type of missile, warheads can be transported in the structure of the missile and also separately.


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The key takeaway of this year's report, according to SIPRI Governing Board Chair Jan Eliasson is that "despite an overall decrease in the number of nuclear warheads in 2018, all nuclear weapon-possessing states continue to modernize their nuclear arsenals."
Summary: New Delhi (India), Jun 6 (ANI): In a major development, India on Thursday signed a deal with Israel under emergency provisions worth around Rs 300 crore for buying over 100 SPICE bombs with high explosives warhead for the Indian Air Force.
"Pakistan continues to expand its nuclear arsenal with more warheads, more delivery systems, and a growing fissile materials production industry...
Islamabad also developed 70-km range Nasr (Hatf-IX) missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads as an effective battlefield counter to India's 'Cold Start' strategy of swift, high-voltage conventional strikes into enemy territory, the Indian publication acknowledged.
Orbital ATK (NYSE: OA), a global provider of aerospace and defense technologies, has successfully demonstrated its new advanced missile warhead designed to survive in high temperature environments and function at hyper velocities, the company said.
Based on available information about its nuclear-capable delivery force structure and strategy, we estimate that India has produced 120-130 nuclear warheads, the article said, adding that the country will need more warheads to arm the new missiles it is currently developing.
"North Korea has produced fissile material for 10-20 nuclear warheads and detonated five nuclear devices," the FAS February 17 update said.
Two of the country's four ballistic missile submarines are always armed with nuclear warheads. The country is also capable of delivering a nuclear payload by jet plane, though French bombers are not likely on round-the-clock high alert.
Lee Chun-geun, at South Korea's Science and Technology Policy Institute, said the missiles were believed to be carrying warheads with trigger devices but not plutonium or uranium, to see whether those warheads could detonate properly.
A South Korean government report said he had between eight and 20 of the miniaturised 660lb nuclear warheads at his disposal.
Seoul: North Korea can mount a nuclear warhead on a medium-range missile, a South Korean official said on Tuesday in a new assessment of the capability of a country that conducted its fourth nuclear test this year.