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Gareth, who has designed clothes for Kylie Minogue, said he hadn't been aware of the Warholian nature of his cubes until his friend Matthew Stone ( another Dazed & Confused nominee ( told him the artist had once done "a massive exhibition with a room filled with silver helium balloons".
For artists, this cultural preoccupation with the new is complicated by the fact that American art in the 20th Century was defined in large part by its newness: by the ways it subverted precursors, whether that be Modernism's turn away from 19th Century (Euro-centric) social-realist narratives and Romantic verse or Warholian provocations as to what could be termed 'market' and what could be termed 'art.
At the time of writing, she seems a sweet and genuine girl, so let's hope that Pete's prediction doesn't come true and that if she achieves some kind of Warholian fame she can avoid the dark side.
It is a raw, sometimes lurid, often painful account, presented in a kaleidoscopic, fast-paced, Warholian montage of scenes ingeniously crafted from family photos, old home movies and videos, commercial film and TV clips, answering machine messages, video diary commentaries, computer-generated split screen, mosaic and briefly flashed still imagery, an ever-changing palette of colors and black and white, a broad array of music from traditional kids' Sunday school ditties to punk rock, and more.
There is an almost Warholian sense of delay as one navigates through the nearly four dozen introductory blurbs that begin the book, by poets well- and lesser-known, some so famous or obscure or otherwise out-of-place that one can't help but wonder if some of these are "traductions," too.
e, anything tainted by a Warholian version of mechanical reproduction--already exists in duplicate.
Apart from another Warholian moment of newsworthiness in 1991-92, as the Soviet Union finally broke apart, the Baltics were once again readily confused, as they always have been in the Western mind, with the Balkans.
My Warholian 15 minutes were exhilarating, but they reinforced the same stark fact I drill into my students: Journalists only have their reputation; we risk it at our peril.
However, many will find that they have little more than the Warholian 15 minutes of fame.