Warren, John

Warren, John,

1753–1815, American surgeon, b. Roxbury, Mass.; grad. Harvard, 1771; brother of Joseph WarrenWarren, Joseph,
1741–75, political leader in the American Revolution, b. Roxbury, Mass. A Boston physician, he participated in the agitation against the Stamp Act (1765).
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. A leading surgeon of his time in New England, he served in the Revolution and was a founder of the medical school at Harvard, where in 1782 he was appointed professor of anatomy and surgery. His son, John Collins Warren, 1778–1856, b. Boston, grad. Harvard (M.D., 1797), taught (1809–47) at Harvard, serving as dean (1816–19) of the medical school. He was a founder of the Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was the first in America to operate on a strangulated hernia and where in 1846 he invited W. T. G. MortonMorton, William Thomas Green,
1819–68, American dentist and physician, b. Charlton, Mass., studied at Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. He practiced dentistry in Boston, for a time with Horace Wells, whose unsuccessful demonstration of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, he
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 to demonstrate ether anesthesia.

Warren, John (Collins)

(1778–1856) surgeon; born in Boston, Mass. Son and nephew of famous Boston doctors, he studied surgery with his father (John Warren, 1753–1815) and then completed his studies in Europe. He set up a practice in Boston (1802) and was on the faculty of the Harvard Medical School for most of his career (1809–47). Active in reforming medical education and practice in America, he was one of the founders of Massachusetts General Hospital, where on October 16, 1846, he performed the first operation using ether as an anesthesia (with William Morton administering it). The first American to operate on a strangulated hernia, he wrote an important book on his specialty, Surgical Observations on Tumours (1837).
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