Warren, Joseph

Warren, Joseph,

1741–75, political leader in the American Revolution, b. Roxbury, Mass. A Boston physician, he participated in the agitation against the Stamp Act (1765). He became a member of the Boston Committee of Safety and in 1774 drafted the Suffolk Resolves, advocating forcible resistance to the British; they were endorsed by the Continental Congress. On the night of Apr. 18, 1775, he dispatched William DawesDawes, William,
1745–99, figure in the American Revolution, b. Boston, Mass. On the night of Apr. 18, 1775, Dawes rode from Boston, via Brighton Bridge, to Lexington, warning the countryside of the British advance.
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 and Paul RevereRevere, Paul,
1735–1818, American silversmith and political leader in the American Revolution, b. Boston. In his father's smithy he learned to work gold and silver, and he became a leading silversmith of New England, creating works for customers on both sides of the
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 to warn Sam Adams and John Hancock that the British were marching on Concord. Warren was killed in the battle of Bunker Hill (1775).


See biographies by R. Frothingham (1865, repr. 1971) and J. Cary (1961).

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Warren, Joseph

(1741–75) physician, Revolutionary patriot; born in Roxbury, Mass. Meeting John Adams while inoculating him for smallpox, he turned revolutionary, making a number of anti-British speeches at Faneuil Hall, writing articles and mediating for removal of troops after the Boston Massacre (1770). One of three chosen to write a report on colonists' rights (1772), he dispatched Paul Revere and William Dawes (1775) on their famous rides. He was chosen president pro tempore of the Provincial Congress (1775). Head of the committee to organize a colonial army and major general, he was shot dead at Breed's Hill.
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Caption: Cancer Nurses College committee members (from left): Moira Gillespie, Judy Warren, Joseph Mundava, Fiona Sayer, Felicity Drumm and Jane Campbell.
He leaves his loving companion of many years Diane Papineau; his mother Mary Lou Wetnicka of West Brookfield; his brothers, James of Ware, Jeffrey of West Warren, Joseph of West Brookfield and John of Norwood; a sister Rosemary Paolucci of North Brookfield; a special person in his life Elaine Papineau; as well as many nephews, nieces and great nephews and nieces.