Warren, William

Warren, William, (Jr.)

(1812–88) actor; born in Philadelphia. Son of the actor-manager William Warren, he was a superb comedian who spent the largest part of his career performing classic and contemporary roles at the Boston Museum between 1847 and 1882. While there, he played nearly 600 different parts, including Sir Peter Teazle, Polonius, and Tony Lumpkin.
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For their part, Warren, William Brennan, William O.
He also leaves five sons: Dean Warren, Lee Warren, William Poole, Joseph Poole and Scott Warren; seven daughters: Bonnie Legros, Crystal O'Grady, Christine Sargent, Wanda Warren, Dawn Johnson, Robin Poole and Heidi Warren; a sister, Elizabeth Lafoe of Greenfield, MA; two half sisters: Rebecca Sheraton of Iowa and Beverly Grenier of Florida; and a half brother, Gary Newton, (pre-deceased); eighteen grandchildren; with his oldest granddaughter, Nicole Febo who served as his home PCA, seventeen great-grandchildren and many nieces and nephews.
Though Brennan remained an admirer to the end, the influence of the older, more conservative jurist on his former pupil waned considerably during their time together on the court as Brennan regularly joined with Warren, William Douglas and Hugo Black to form the court's liberal bloc.
In fact, 40 of the 111 justices who have served had no prior judicial experience, and they include such notables as John Marshall, Earl Warren, William Rehn quist and Louis Brandeis.
The constitutional philosophy of Earl Warren, William Brennan, Thurgood Marshall, and other prominent justices of the second half of the twentieth century may not be represented on today's Supreme Court, but it remains vital, in academia, among young idealists, lawyers, and students alike, and even among a fair number of jurists.
While politicians waffled and schemed, such men as Earl Warren, William Brennan, Thurgood Marshall, and Harry Blackmun made "justice" a reality as well as a title.
As nominees, Earl Warren, William Brennan, and Harry Blackmun displayed no hint of their future accomplishments on liberal issues.
That list includes such notables as John Marshall, Earl Warren, William Rehnquist and Louis Brandeis.
Earl Warren, William Brennan, and Harry Blackmun all rose above the expectations of those who appointed them.
She was predeceased by two brothers Albert Warren, William Warren, three sisters Anna Stake, Carol Skaroni and June Maynard.
Replacements: Warren, Williams, Lockley, Dickinson, Pons, Brown, Davies BRISTOL: Tovey; Watkins, Otto, Eves, Edwards; Roberts, Grindal; Traynor, Johnston, Thompson, Glynn B, Winters, Mama, Pennycook, Eadie.
Now back with his long-time gym boss, the former European featherweight champion Jim McDonnell, and his first promoter Frank Warren, Williams believes he is ready to rise to his biggest challenge.