Warren Harding

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Harding, Warren


Born Nov. 2, 1865, in Corsica (present-day Blooming Grove), Ohio; died Aug. 2, 1923, in San Francisco. US statesman.

Harding, a member of the Republican Party, became president in 1921. The activities of his administration, which were completely subordinated to the interests of monopolies, were marked by corruption on an unprecedentedly wide scale among his associates. His administration promoted the enrichment of businessmen and speculators at the expense of the popular masses. In international affairs the Harding administration pursued a policy of expansion in the Far East and Latin America, and it refused to admit Soviet representatives to the Washington Conference of 1921-22.

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One must wonder why this image of an incompetent and corrupt Warren Harding was created so soon after his death, and why such a false picture of the man is still repeated from academia to the popular culture.
For example, the string of seven presidents each elected 20 years apart who all died in ofrice: William Henry Harrison, 1840; Abraham Lincoln, 1860; James Garfield, 1880; William McKinley, 1900; Warren Harding, 1920; Franklin Roosevelt, 1940; and John Kennedy, 1960.
After eight tumultuous years under Wilson, Americans, including some Irish Americans, voted for a much less active president in Warren Harding.
He said, 'Andrew Brooks, Scott Harding, Warren Harding and Geraint Hill were all drowned when the motor vehicle in which they were travelling and which was being driven by Warren Harding, who did not hold a full driving licence and had alcohol below the permitted level in his bloodstream, combined with Ecstasy and cannabis, went out of control on the coast road between Newport and Cardiff, whilst attempting to negotiate a bend in the road at too great speed and overturned into a roadside drainage ditch, or reen, trapping them inside.
Tributes continued to be paid to the four men - Warren Harding, 27, his brother Scott, 25, and their friends Geraint Hill, 26, and 30-year-old Andrew Brooks.
Since then Abraham Lincoln (elected 1860), James Garfield (1880), William McKinley (1900), Warren Harding (1920), Franklin D.
That Warren Harding was called off a golf course to sign the documents officially ending World War I?
Plunket is the author of My Search for Warren Harding and Love Junkie.
Soon, other now-famous climbers, including Warren Harding, Royal Robbins and Yvon Chouinard - founder of Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company based in Ventura - challenged Yosemite's cliffs.
Warren Harding even trained his dog to chase and return golf balls when he practiced on the south lawn of the White House.
President Warren Harding, who was in office during the Prohibition, may not have served alcohol at diplomatic affairs, but he was sure to host a pre-event cocktail reception in his private quarters (Barr 15).
According to the seventy-eight experts on our panel, the worst president was James Buchanan (ranked 39th), followed by Warren Harding (tied for 37th) and Franklin Pierce (tied for 37th).