Warren Harding

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Harding, Warren


Born Nov. 2, 1865, in Corsica (present-day Blooming Grove), Ohio; died Aug. 2, 1923, in San Francisco. US statesman.

Harding, a member of the Republican Party, became president in 1921. The activities of his administration, which were completely subordinated to the interests of monopolies, were marked by corruption on an unprecedentedly wide scale among his associates. His administration promoted the enrichment of businessmen and speculators at the expense of the popular masses. In international affairs the Harding administration pursued a policy of expansion in the Far East and Latin America, and it refused to admit Soviet representatives to the Washington Conference of 1921-22.

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It is not surprising that liberal or progressive Democrats today would have a low opinion of a conservative Republican president like Warren Harding. But, probably a majority of conservatives who are aware of the Harding administration have a vague, negative viewpoint of him, thinking something like, "Wasn't he involved in some scandals?"
To the west is the 23-million-acre National Petroleum Reserve Alaska, created in 1923 by Warren Harding and by some estimates holding up to 15 billion barrels of oil.
MARION, Ohio (AP) --An Ohio college plans to take over management of the home and tomb of Warren Harding, America's 29th president.
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Woods said: "We don't get to play courses like this very often, it's a treat." The tournament's name honours President Warren Harding, an avid golfer who had died on a visit to the the city two years before the course was first used.
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