Warren truss

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Warren truss

[′wär·ən ‚trəs]
(civil engineering)
A truss having only sloping members between the top and bottom horizontal members.

warren truss

A truss having parallel upper and lower chords, with connecting members which are inclined, forming a series of approximately equilateral triangles. See also: Truss

Warren truss, Warren girder

A form of truss having parallel upper and lower chords, with connecting members which are inclined, forming a series of approximately equilateral triangles.

Warren truss

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A form of truss structure, comprising upper and lower chords joined by symmetrical members only, used for an aircraft fuselage in which the diagonal members carry both tensile and compression loads. In this arrangement, the upper and lower chords are joined by the web members that form a shape resembling the letter W.
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National Party leader Warren Truss, in particular, appears flummoxed by such novel IR concepts as penalty rates.
Australian Trade Minister Warren Truss said the report showed there is still considerable scope to improve trade transparency in the region.
Australia's transport minister Warren Truss said the agreement is effective immediately.
Its most notable architectural feature is the roof structure of 112 feet clear span, employing the Warren truss system.
Warren Truss, Australia's Agriculture Minister, said that a NSW ban on GM canola would hurt national trade, but conceded the state has a legal right to enact such a ban.
Visiting Australian farm minister Warren Truss made the request of Tsutomu Takebe to prevent Japan from invoking the special safeguard mechanism of the World Trade Organization (WTO) designed to enable member governments to raise tariffs automatically if imports of farm products soar.
But acting Environment Minister Warren Truss and Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Sharman Stone said Australia will continue its opposition to Japan's ''scientific whaling'' program.
Japanese agriculture minister Tsutomu Takebe and his Australian counterpart Warren Truss were at odds Tuesday over farm issues relating to the new round of the World Trade Organizations (WTO), Japanese officials said.
Arch, Beam, Box-Girder, and Warren Truss with Vertical Supports compared to determine if the bridge design effected the maximum amplitude from wind induced force.
While welcoming the launch of the draft Murray-Darling Salinity Strategy and Integrated Catchment Management Policy by Federal Agriculture Minister Warren Truss in early September, Henry said the strategy's targets are not enforceable and mean little without financial support equal to the task.
Within the Federal Governments Stronger Communities Programme (SCP), Federal Member for Wide Bay Warren Truss, confirmed that Tewantins Creche & Kindergarten Community Childcare Centre will get $11,663 to improve its bathroom amenities .
Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss said earlier Wednesday that the investigators may be able to make a formal statement about the origin of the part "later this week.