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martial arts,

various forms of self-defense, usually weaponless, based on techniques developed in ancient China, India, and Tibet. In modern times they have come into wide use for self-protection, as competitive sports, and for exercise.

Jujitsu teaches skills that enable one to overcome a bigger, stronger opponent. A popular style of jujitsu is aikido, which uses wrist, elbow, and shoulder twists and graceful falls; it is noncompetitive and incorporates various spiritual concepts. Judojudo
, sport of Japanese origin that makes use of the principles of jujitsu, a weaponless system of self-defense. Buddhist monks in China, Japan, and Tibet developed jujitsu over a period of 2,000 years as a system of defense that could be used against armed marauders and yet
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, a Japanese sport created in 1882, makes use of jujitsu principles. Other popular forms of martial arts include kung fu, karate, and taekwondo, all of which emphasize blows with the feet and the side of the hand, and kendo, in which leather-covered bamboo "swords" are used. Judo and taekwondo are Olympic sports. Capoeira, a dancelike Brazilian discipline whose movements are performed to rhythmic music, is gaining in popularity.

The traditional Asian martial arts emphasize allowing ki (cosmic energy; also known as chi) to flow through one's body. This belief in ki connects the martial arts with t'ai chi ch'uan, a meditationlike discipline that emphasizes slow, graceful body movements. The most popular form of individual exercise in China, t'ai chi is often performed publicly in large groups; it has been claimed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

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A GROUP of Aborigines perform for the Queen - but their menacing warrior dance would have been more appropriate for her absent husband.
Traditionally, it was a warrior dance performed by tribal men before going to fight," Saeed Sultan Al Busaidi, director of Traditional Art in Oman's Ministry of Heritage and Culture, told Khaleej Times.
It was the first time in their history that the New Zealanders opted out of the pre-match warrior dance as WRU chiefs ruled that the Welsh national anthem be the final word in the pre-game rituals.
For the first time in their history, the New Zealanders decided to deliver their traditional Maori warrior dance in the privacy of their dressing room, denying 74,000 fans the traditional pre-match spectacle.
"And in our honor, they butchered a goat and the warriors did their warrior dance and we ate goat and chard - a little feast," she said.
Most provocative, Oberlin College's Tim Scholl wondered whether Balanchine, whose father was Georgian, might have drawn on spatial patterns from a Georgian warrior dance, the khorumi, in making his first American ballet, Serenade, a work that participants later watched live, with new eyes.
He said, "What I would do with Wales would be work with the team, and get them doing T'ai-chi and Chi Kung, which is a Buddhist warrior dance.
A group of older men did the baris gede, a warrior dance. While they performed a few men scampered up the ramp to the tower to get the cloth-covered body.
It may be passed on by traditional Elders, through a vision or dream, by inheritance or in ceremony, such as the warrior dance or sun dance.
The latter will be accompanied by 15 members of the Zulu Regiment performing a traditional Impi warrior dance.