Washington State University

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Washington State University,

at Pullman; land-grant and state supported; chartered 1890, opened 1892 as an agriculture college. From 1905 to 1959 it was the State College of Washington. The university's College of Agriculture carries on important agricultural research and instruction throughout the state. The school's other facilities include centers for electron microscopy and environmental research.
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Keith Jones, Executive Director at the Washington State University Research Foundation, added, "This technology represents decades of effort from Dr.
Paul, Minnesota, USA; ([paragraph]) Washington Department of Health, Olympia, Washington, USA; # Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, USA; ** Chambers Creek Veterinary Hospital, Lakewood, Washington, USA; and ([dagger][dagger]) The Gene Poole Memorial Cat Clinic, Bellingham, Washington, USA
We're proud to have made this donation to Washington State University, a fine research organization that has the expertise to bring such a commercial application to life.
The Guard's intelligence team zeroed in on Washington State University as the potential epicenter of subversive activity.
We are proud to be working in lockstep with Washington State University Laboratory on this important syncrophasor activity," commented Peter Lefkin, Managing Director of the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program.
Washington State University alumnus and retired Boeing executive, Scott E.
June 25-29, 2007, are the dates for the WSMTA conference to be held on the campus of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.
Engelbracht from Washington State University mad Third Place was captured by a group of students from the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of RI.
This article discusses the collaboration between the Libraries and the Freshman Seminar Program at Washington State University.
Thailand has decided to privatize the universities in its higher education system -- and has turned to Washington State University to lead that effort.
4 million to support construction of the Wine Science Center at the Washington State University Tri-Cities campus in Richland, Washington.

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