(Arabic, Hizb al-Watani, Fatherland Party).

(1) The first political organization in Egypt, active in the period of the rise of the national liberation struggle (1879-82). Watan was against foreign domination. It consisted mainly of progressive officers and representatives of the intelligentsia. Under the slogan “Egypt for the Egyptians,” Watan demanded the introduction of a constitutional order.

(2) A political party in Egypt founded by Mustafa Kamil in 1907. It consisted of representatives of the intelligentsia, the nationalist bourgeoisie, and the landowners and enjoyed wide popularity in the country. It demanded withdrawal of the British troops, establishment of a constitutional order, and, initially, an autonomous Egypt within the framework of the Ottoman Empire. After 1918 the party called for the national independence of Egypt. After the end of World War I it no longer played any essential role. It was dissolved in January 1953.


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Al Watan attributed the decision to close it down to politically driven motives, particularly that its stances were often critical of the government.
In a statement issued from Watan Kor, he expressed solidarity with the family of the deceased and prayed for the departed soul.
To obtain the organisation of a competition as prestigious as the CAN is a State affair and the Algerian presentation was not sufficiently supported at political levels," daily El Watan wrote.
Gohar Nawaz was elected as independent MPA from Haripurs PK-51 constituency in 2013 polls and soon after had announced to join Qaumi Watan Party.
The agreement seeks to nurture closer cooperation between Watan and Natixis to deliver prime solutions for clients in Saudi Arabia by helping Watan to broaden and develop further its financial services offering to Saudi clients through access to the spread of Natixis' corporate and investment banking capabilities, products and expertise.
The cooperation agreement will not only strengthen our capabilities, but most importantly will ensure our clients have access to both world-class solutions and specialist expertise," added Dr Ibrahim Al-Muhanna, Chairman of Watan Investment & Securities Company.
This will divert traffic from routes leading to Al Watan roundabout and coming from the Industrial Area's Street 33, East Industrial Road, and Industrial Area Road to the routes highlighted in green on the map.
Al Watan pocketed 47 points in a remarkable display that was rewarded with a breakthrough Team of the Week award.
Watan TV said that an Israeli force held the TV crew inside its headquarters for more than three hours, took their communication devices and seized its equipments, administrative files and its transmitting and broadcasting devices.
Leading regional media representative Medialeader, announced it recently obtained the rights to be the sole media representative of Al Watan newspaper across all major international markets excluding Saudi Arabia.
Watan subsidiary Watan Risk Management is headed by two of Karzai's cousins.
Summary: Kuwaiti real estate developer Alargan International Real Estate Co (KUW:ARGAN) is currently studying a number of investment opportunities in Egypt and Qatar, Al Watan daily reported yesterday.