Water Gap

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water gap

[′wȯd·ər ‚gap]
A deep and narrow pass that cuts to the base of a mountain ridge, and through which a stream flows; the Delaware Water Gap is an example.

Water Gap


a river valley that transverses mountain ranges or uplands. Water gaps may be antecedent or superimposed valleys.

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According to (6) maximum water gap height for the used phased array probe can be calculated as
The remaining 60 per cent of the water gap will require additional effort, either in terms of conservation or in the development of non-traditional water supplies.
Found in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, this is the first trace fossil evidence of horseshoe crabs in this deposit.
Essentially two sides of the same coin, environmental stewardship and sustainable design find concerted expression in a new visitor centre for Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
Ten new cell sites in Warren County have enhanced network coverage on Route 80 along the Delaware Water Gap as well as routes 78, 46 and 57 in the following towns:
Beyond its main campus, Warren hopes to extend its commitment to creative writing and the fine and visual arts through a potential partnership with the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
The objective of this study was to compile a preliminary list of the vascular flora of Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, a 27,200 hectare park established in l965 to preserve historic scenic and scientific resources.
Then there was Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ) who wanted the hunt stopped on Water Gap National Park (part of the scheduled bear hunting area) until a study could be done to see if hunting really can control bear numbers.
Another suit, filed by the Fund for Animals, was successful in delaying the hunt in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
Laird Technologies, Shielding Way, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327, 570-424-8510, e-mail: rthibeau@lairdtech.
The first boarding hotel in Delaware Water Gap was built in 1829, and it's still a thriving resort town today.