Water Jacket

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water jacket

[′wȯd·ər ‚jak·ət]
A casing for circulation of cooling water.
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Water Jacket


a cavity that surrounds the parts of machinery and equipment (internal-combustion engines, metallurgical furnaces, and so on) that are exposed to intense heat and that is designed to contain a circulating liquid coolant. To avoid clogging of the water jacket by hard-to-remove deposits, the water used for cooling is sometimes subjected to preliminary purification and softening.

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This preserves the valuable surface area on the sides of the block for mounting bosses and cast-in features while stiffening the area of connection to the cylinder wall, all while maintaining the desired water jacket cross sectional size.
Therefore, a proper design scheme for water jacket and pretightening process is required to reduce such distortion.
The unprotected blade front sight can be drifted in its dovetailed mount on top of the water jacket, although this was never done in the field.
There are other options available--just make sure you can install a water jacket.
The housing can be constructed in one of three different ways: (1) heat sink with ambient-air convection cooling, (2) heat sink with forced air (electrical fan) cooling, or (3) water jacket cooling [5].
The company said that each CHP-Series module will provide enough recoverable heat from its exhaust and water jacket to produce hot water or steam using an HRU.
Standard features include bimetallic-lined barrels, cast aluminum heat/cool jackets, high-capacity blowers, double reduction gear boxes with incorporated taper roller thrust bearings, cast-iron feed throats with incorporated water jacket, quick-adjust motor belt tightening features, and Colmonoy-hardened plastification screws.
DSTs are air actuated, using a temperature-sensing pressure regulator valve located in the cooling water jacket to generate a variable air pressure signal.
Manufacturers employing an "open loop" cooling system circulate the fluid being pumped through the water jacket. The fluid enters the water jacket by passing through a close tolerance "labyrinth" formed by castings in the top of the casing and the backplate of the impeller.