Water Rail

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Water Rail


(Rallus aquaticus), a bird of the family Rallidae. Length, approximately 30 cm. The feathers on the back are clay-brown with dark longitudinal markings, and the breast is a grayish light blue.

The water rail is a migratory bird. In the USSR it nests in the southern and central band from the western border to Primor’e; it winters in Transcaucasia and the south of Middle Asia. The bird lives in reed thickets near bodies of water. There are 6-10 mottled eggs in a clutch. The water rail is nocturnal and feeds mainly on aquatic invertebrates.

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It was the first sighting of three water rail in one day since October 30, 1883.
WE thought that Echo readers may be interested in this picture of a water rail that visited our garden in Rhiwbina, usually twice a day, during February, March and into April.
A kingfisher, water rail and barn owl are being seen regularly but they are finding the conditions tough going.
For landscape architect Greg Trutza, a spiraling water rail in the Italian gardens of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli became an unlikely muse.
Landscape architect Greg Trutza adapted an idea from Renaissance gardens for this contemporary Phoenix terrace: the water rail. It's a particularly distinctive feature of the Villa d'Este at Tivoli near Rome, where water courses through the top of a staircase railing.
The reference collection of marks consisted of imprints in model eggs of the bills of all possible avian predators that occur regularly in or close to our study area: Bittern (Botaurus stellaris), Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus), Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus), Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus), Hooded Crow (Corvus corone cornix), Great Reed Warbler, and Reed Warbler (Acrocephalus scirpaceus).
This transfers the heat to fresh water, which is used in a water rail for hand-washing.
IT'S always a pleasure to see a water rail darting across from one reedbed to another.
Lobster fisherman Jim Reid, 77, and his grandson David Irvine, 35, were all smiles after their boat, Water Rail, was found by a passing trawler last May.
There are also sightings of grey herons, water rail, kingfisher, greenshank and common sandpiper.

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