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(vertebrate zoology)
A family of waterfowl, including ducks, geese, mergansers, pochards, and swans, in the order Anseriformes.



a family of aquatic birds of the order Anseriformes. The body length varies from 29 to 150 cm. The edges of the bill are lined with thin transverse plates or serrations. The feet are webbed. The dense plumage, which is white, gray, brownish, black, or spotted, has a thick down covering. Some Anatidae have a dark-blue, green, or spotted speculum on the wings. The majority fly well. Many are good divers, obtaining food from the water itself or from the bottom.

Anatidae, which include swans, geese, brants, and ducks, are distributed throughout the world. The family comprises 43 genera, which encompass 147 species. There are 58 species in the USSR, including eight species that occasionally migrate into but are not indigenous to the USSR.

Anatidae nest on the ground, in rock crevices, in tree hollows, or in burrows. A clutch contains two to 16 solid white, greenish, or yellowish eggs. Depending on the species, the eggs are incubated and the young are reared by the female alone, by the male alone, or by both. The South American duck of the genus Heteronetta is parasitic, that is, it lays its eggs in the nests of other Anatidae. Anatidae feed on plants and animals. Many are hunted commercially or for sport.


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The AI H9N2 multiplies in the carrier birds (migratory birds, water fowls, broilers and desi chiken).
But at least it doesn't seem to be scaring off the ducks and water fowl who have made the pond their home for years.
In addition to removing CO2 from the atmosphere, the trees will restore habitat for migratory birds, water fowl, bear and other animals that was lost when the land was cleared for farming in the 1960s and '70s.
During certain seasons, visitors to the dunes can see flocks of migrating water fowl on the river.
In this primitive world of reeds and water fowl, the aging Zaman (Sami Kaftan) appears saying his prayers.
Marrasjarvi and Heikkila are taken by the two young Italians on trips in rubber boats, presumably to hunt water fowl, and later inland to hunt bigger game, but there is nothing to hunt; they are merely decoys for a large-scale smuggling operation.
Water fowl and rowing fours cause the only ripples in the calm water.
The original case resulted from a Corps of Engineers' denial of a landfill permit on the grounds that the property in question, abandoned gravel pits, was used by migrating birds and water fowl and thus came under the protection of the CWA.
They will include nesting islands for water fowl and plant species that are important for food and shelter for wildlife.
Voting by an overwhelming majority to approve a Bill aiming to extend the hunting season for migrating birds and water fowl, the French Parliament has wilfully set itself on a collision course with existing Community legislation, namely the 1979 Wild Birds Directive, adopted under a French Presidency.
Interests: Tennis; raising water fowl, including black swans, Chinese geese, Mandarin ducks.
Today, the cultivated fields have been turned into bird habitats, including 3,500 protected acres where egrets, storks, ducks and other water fowl nest.