water spotting

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water spotting, white spots

White marks which are left on a paint film when droplets of water evaporate, or as a result of sealing in moisture.
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Finding a productive water spot can be a bit different.
Her time lapse video showed the water spot retracting, demonstrating real-world evaporation.
Your dog can swim in a pool at a rehabilitation facility, or you can use your pool or a favorite natural water spot. If using a lake or pond, be sure that the location is safe for your dog.
I ran into an Entergy meter guy at the spring water spot while filling up and he explained that Entergy uses a separate meter for solar and offsets your bill!
Porosity as measured by permeability and the salt water spot test suggest that CPVC is around 0.95.
The aim is to increase the flexibility of awarding contracts for water purchase agreements via the introduction of an energy and water spot market, and increasing the competitiveness of the market.
But the 27-year-old displayed his resilience by qualifying for a place in the 1,500m but has been pipped to the open water spot by Daniel Fogg.
WATER SPOT The Olympic-size swimming pool at UCD's sports centre FACE-OFF The Garret FitzGerald debating chamber
Despite failing to book an open water spot at London 2012, Davies has done well to fight back from a complete lack of form to secure his place at the London Games in the 1500m freestyle.
SWIMMING: David Davies has battled dead dogs, "messed up courses" and exhaustion - but this weekend he will take on one of his closest friends Daniel Fogg as the pair fight it out in Portugal to secure the one open water spot on the Great Britain team at next month's Olympics.