Water-Splashing Festival

Water-Splashing Festival (Dai New Year)

The Dai people of southwestern Yunnan Province of China celebrate the birthday of Buddha ( see Vesak) and the new year in the middle of April with the Water-Splashing Festival. In tropical Xishuangbanna, a land of elephants and golden-haired monkeys, the celebration begins with dragon-boat races and fireworks displays. On the second day, people visit Buddhist temples. The third day, which is New Year's Day, is the high point. Dressed in colorful local costumes, people carry buckets and pans of water to the temple to bathe the Buddha, and they then splash water at each other. The water symbolizes happiness and good health. It washes away the demons of the past year and welcomes in a new year of good harvests, better livestock, and increased prosperity.
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Sue also meets its indigenous peoples, including the Dai, whose traditional homes and water-splashing festival have become a 'Disneyfied' attraction park for tourists.
The promotion is timed to coincide with the park's annual water-splashing festival, which attracts even more visitors.
After four-day water-splashing festival - April 13 to 16 - here come to mark the traditional New Year on April 17, which is Burmese New Year day as always in line with the Burmese calendar.