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drinking-water cooler

A factory-made assembly containing a small refrigeration system and having the primary functions of cooling potable water and dispensing such water.
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"Yes, you read that correctly, waterCOOLER, the result of a happy accident made on a restaurant reservation.
Should people be terminated for using social media to air the kinds of gripes that once were limited to conversations around the watercooler? To be clear, the issue has not been the misuse of company resources by posting the comments on company equipment during company time.
He told his father that he was feeling thirsty, after which he was told to drink water from a watercooler at the park.
(Land Rover had four.) "Watercooler Live isn't for every client," said Adam Solomon, Time Inc.'s vp, digital ad products and revenue operations.
Yammer: An internal social network for businesses, allowing teams to create their own bespoke spaces, share snippets of business news, links and documents and hold 'watercooler' discussions.
"Mad Men" remains a "watercooler show" around the Variety office, perhaps, in the same way "Gossip Girl" might be in a private girls' school, "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" is surrounding the 212 area code or "Glenn Beck" is at a tin-foil hat convention.
"We try to stay on the right side of funny," says Walliams, "but we look for that watercooler moment when people say, 'I can't believe they did that.' "--Mike Goodridge
LiveWorld, Inc, an online community agency, announced on Thursday (20 April) that TV Guide Online has selected LiveWorld as the provider of its new community services collectively know as The Watercooler.
Are are constantly looking for ways to reach our constituencies, recognizing that "one size does not fit all." We offer audio seminars, links to current resources, timely NES topics, the watercooler, and many other opportunities to explore topics in our field.
There is also a surfeit of Weekly World News-like oddities among the news, including an array of Yeti-of-the-Month yarns in the "Watercooler" section.
WSIB employees began using the Watercooler for things like exchanging recipes, finding out which restaurant serves the best sushi, who can recommend a good babysitter.
These predecessors to the watercooler featured cooling generated by a 20-pound block of ice.