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(naval architecture)
The intersection of the surface of the water with the side of a ship.
A line painted on the hull of a ship showing the level of the water when the ship is properly trimmed.
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(also shoreline), the line of contact between the water surface of a body of water—such as a lake, river, or sea—and a dry land surface, or shore. The height and shape of a waterline vary owing to fluctuations in the level and changes in the nature of the shore that result from erosion, abrasion, or human activity.

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Inside a cistern, the highest water level to which the ball valve should be adjusted to shut off.
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waterline (WL)

waterline (WL)
A system of aircraft location designation. The water line is the measurement of height in inches perpendicular from a horizontal plane located a fixed number of inches below the bottom of the aircraft fuselage.
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That means treating dental unit waterlines is never done either.
The microbial contamination in dental unit waterlines was first described by Blake in 19632.
VistaTab is a tablet used for the cleaning of microbial contaminants in dental unit waterlines. According to Hu-Friedy, the solid tablet quickly dissolves in water to create a non-corrosive solution reportedly more effective than bleach.
In 1993, the CDC recommended that dental waterlines be flushed at the beginning of the clinic day to reduce the microbial load.
Because the organisms live within the waterlines, only heat-sterilized/sterile-disposable bulb syringes or sterile water delivery devices should be used to deliver the sterile water.