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The Pride Family Picnic at OJ Watson Park starts at 11am.
Robert Watson Park - 9 Walkway Lighting Poles Replacement: The walkway lighting on the path that leads through the park requires replacement.
We, as citizens of Northboro, can be thankful to Betty for initiating and implementing the butterfly garden at Watson Park.
As far as the flowers at Watson Park, I did it more or less for my own enjoyment just to see more flowers and more butterflies.
BLACK Country MP Tom Watson (Lab, West Bromwich East) was interested to learn of a Tom Watson Park in Boulder, Colorado.
The local newspaper reported: "Tom Watson Park has been closed pending results of testing for bubonic plague.
The new facilities are adjacent to Sidney Watson Park on the Pacific Avenue Mall between Front and Davis streets.
50,000 to install lighting for Ashburton United Soccer Club at Watson Park in Ashburton.
The following nine days of Pride will consist of events such as the family picnic at OJ Watson Park on Sept.