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Fujino's optimum OTWEM configuration reduces wave drag at high speed to significantly increase fuel efficiency while maximizing cabin space without increasing the size of the aircraft.
A deeper pool may reduce the wave drag that slows swimmers down, said Dr Rushall.
Here, the research attempts to address the issues relating to the shock wave drag reduction.
At high speeds, the wing is highly swept, reducing supersonic wave drag.
Wave drag contribution small--<10% of hydrodynamic drag
His undergraduate paper was titled "Investigation of Gravity Wave Drag Parameters in the NOAA FIM Global Atmospheric Model.
He discovered the optimum Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration, which reduces wave drag at a high Mach number, and applied it to the HondaJet design.
Zha voiced hopes that his SBiDir-FW will generate no sonic boom, have low supersonic wave drag, as well as low fuel consumption.