Waves of Life

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Waves of Life


fluctuations in the number of individuals in a population. The term was introduced by the Russian biologist S. S. Chetverikov in 1915. The fluctuations may be seasonal or nonseasonal, recurring at various intervals. They usually increase in length as the cycle of development of the organisms becomes longer. Waves of life are often accompanied by fluctuations in the range of the population.

Chetverikov treated the evolutionary role of waves of life as a factor capable of altering the direction and intensity of selection, as well as the concentration of genes present in the population. The term was later replaced by the concept of“population waves” (one of four elementary evolutionary factors—the mutation process, population waves, isolation, and natural selection). The main significance of waves of life reduces to the random changes in the concentrations— particularly low concentrations—of various mutations and genotypes present in populations and to a weakening of the pressure of selection by an increase in the number of individuals in the population and its strengthening by a decrease in their number. The term“waves of life” is also taken by some—among them the Soviet geologist B. L. Lichkov—to mean stages in the development of the plant and animal worlds roughly corresponding to the succession of geological cycles.


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Such a rule of the two diameters not only guides us toward the sun in the system and the heart in man, but draws lines through the length and breadth of the aggregate of a man's particular daily behaviors and waves of life into his coves and inlets, and where they intersect will be the height or depth of his character.
Clare mansion, and the waves of life settled back to their usual flow, where that little bark had gone down.
Pope Francis criticised rising wealth inequality and the treatment of migrants on Sunday, saying the world should not ignore those "tossed by the waves of life".
New waves of life sprang up in every branch of art and our aesthetic taste began to look for new directions.
Preoccupied with court and personal intrigues, Cyrus, his court, and the denizens of the cities are only dimly aware that, across the ocean in the jungle near Brasilia, a new life-form has gestated: a machine intelligence "composed of [its] logical premises." Once embodied, this entity "devoured, digested, excreted, and transformed, launching new waves of life." These creations, the Ceramicans, will soon swarm across the planet absorbing its biomass and threatening the survival of the Gente.
The lighthouse mother is a guiding "beacon of light", allowing her youths to safely navigate the world and ride the waves of life. It's close, but not quite applicable to me.
I wrote this letter as a reminder to a distant version of myself wherein I am happy with someone I do not know as of now, a reminder to tell myself to hold on and ride with the waves of life and hope for better days.
The loss of life in the cell, the black holes that appear in the nervous system, that can be partially restored by deep brain stimulation with blue light, was the catalyst for James Bellaney's seemingly abstract canvas of a painterly brain, the surface activiated or deadened by wavelengths of colour in close association, a momentarily static map of waves of life and death.
What on earth has gone wrong with this country that families can no longer sail the bumpy waves of life without having to call in police to settle their disputes?
"They told me that like stones, it is necessary to be still and go with the waves of life as we continue to struggle.
By understanding, protecting, and resetting to base frequency, you can decrease stress, prevent and eliminate disease, and increase your happiness as you learn to 'Master the Waves of Life'.
Likewise, migrating gray whales, cerulean warblers, and pronghorn are not objects but waves of life, in the same sense that a wave is not the moving water but the energy coursing through a fluid.