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wax figures

wax figures, sculptures usually made of beeswax or tallow, which is susceptible to modeling, casting, and coloring. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used wax to make sacred images or death masks. Wax has been employed in the cire perdue casting process for sculpture; it is also used in the preparatory stages by sculptors as a sketch or model for the finished work. Polychrome wax portraits were popular in Europe throughout the 18th cent. In the 19th cent., wax dolls came into fashion, and exhibits of wax figures, often portraits of notorious people, were popular. Among such collections Mme Tussaud's, London, and the Musée Grévin, Paris, are famous.


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"The bronzes included in this exhibition, like those widely distributed throughout the world, are posthumous, second-generation casts of the original wax sculptures by Degas."
"I'm not into taking photos with celebrities, let alone wax sculptures of them at Madame Tussauds and queuing up for three hours to ride around on a big wheel in central London.
A popular pause was in front of the wax sculptures of Henry VIII with his six wives ndash Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Katherine Parr ndash plus a written narrative of everyone's destiny.
Working with animal skins and wax sculptures based on casts taken from human bodies (Fig.
I was one of three female artists invited to exhibit at Berkeley, and I installed wax sculptures that talked to each other.
Her relationship with her mother (who has a history of miscarriages) is explored in memories of their trip to Italy where Nina reflected on martyred female saints and saw the wax sculptures of "flayed" women's bodies.
The parameters for use notwithstanding, all of Akashi's wax sculptures put whomever Akashi nominates as the "host" in charge of their display--the artist herself or a curator, gallerist, or collector--in the position of steward of experience rather than custodian of objects, unless one maintains these changeable works in a state of unchanging prolepsis, totems of perpetual futurity.
Additionally, there will be a special exhibit of wax sculptures by celebrated sculptor Daniel dela Cruz.
An exhibition of wax sculptures, representing the occult secrets, or arcana, of Tarot cards opens this week at Le Gray.
Then in her spare time she created wax sculptures of Royalty and aristocrats.
Until Fischer intervened for the wax sculptures, Brant said he never commissioned a portrait of himself despite being friends with artists including Warhol and Jeff Koons.
(scanned wax sculptures of animated characters for Lord of the Rings movies)