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A mapping and navigation application for mobile devices from Google. Waze provides real-time traffic updates that are crowdsourced by drivers on the road, which is known as "social navigation." The Waze app sends current traffic data to the cloud so that slow traffic and traffic jams are taken into account when calculating a route for other Waze users traveling in that direction.

Founded as community-based FreeMap Israel, Waze Mobile was formed in 2008 by Ehud Shabtai to commercialize the project. Google acquired Waze Mobile in 2013, and Waze augments Google Maps with up-to-date information. See Google Maps, crowdsourcing and GPS.

The Waze App
Also accepting voice commands, Waze makes it easy to submit traffic jams, accidents and other events while driving.

The Waze App
Also accepting voice commands, Waze makes it easy to submit traffic jams, accidents and other events while driving.
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Release date- 27082019 - CANTON, MA - Today, Dunkin' announces a partnership with Waze to support the golden goal of raising up to $100,000 in September for the Dunkin' Joy in Childhood Foundation and send kids with cancer to 10 special camps across the country.
Waze, which currently has 3 million users, is primarily a navigation app that uses crowdsourced information to generate optimized routes that allow users to save on time and money.
[twitter-tweet]"As with Waze and Google Maps, the app lets users report traffic trouble, but in Doroob's case they include pop-up Israeli police and military checkpoints or road closures, creating a more precise picture of the traffic reality for Palestinian drivers." (https://t.co/da0oUO6tQE) https://t.co/da0oUO6tQE
The latest update to Waze Carpool app allows drivers to invite up to four other riders to join a carpool, Venture Beat reports.
Entercom and Waze are now linked via "a first-of-its-kind multiplatform partnership," revealed by Entercom President/CEO David Field during his company's Q1 2019 earnings call with analysts.
The move, according to market intelligence, is seen as Apple's plan to bolster its map offering especially given Google's recent acquisition of Waze.
Prunty, sent a letter on behalf of the NYPD to Google (the owner of the Waze app) to demand that it remove that feature from Waze.
Driving patterns from last year's data indicated that more people were traveling in December compared to a regular month, highlighting a 10 percent increase in active users on Waze. Not only that, there were more vehicles on the road, with drivers spending 12 percent more time on Waze in December compared to a regular month.
has spoken to bosses at Waze - a real-time traffic website and app which collates up-to-date congestion information to help motorists find faster routes.
Waze & Odyssey are Firas Waez and Brighton's italo disco DJ and producer don Serge Santiago and the pair land at Stereo Sessions on Saturday, December 22.
If apps such as Waze can provide drivers with further warnings that encourage them to slow down further, then these apps are useful in encouraging people to slow down.'
The new incident reporting feature will bring Google Maps closer in functionality to Waze. The similar navigation app (https://support.google.com/waze/answer/6262574?hl=en) has already had the feature for some time.