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any part of an animal that is used to defend itself, to attack prey, etc., such as claws, teeth, horns, or a sting
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What does it mean when you dream about a weapon?

Weapons are usually symbols of aggression, either aimed toward, or exhibited by, the dreamer. Weapons may also represent inner struggle and conflict.

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An instrument of combat, either offensive or defensive, used to destroy, injure, defeat, or threaten an enemy; for example, a gun, bayonet, bomb, or missile.
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In the case of proposed autonomous lethal weapons systems, the clause provides factors that states must consider when examining new challenges raised by emerging technologies.
The NGATS configuration consists of two heavy expanded-mobility tactical trucks, two 20-foot shelters, one 60-kilowatt generator, ATE, and multiple test program sets to perform diagnostic support for all variants of the Abrams tank, Bradley fighting vehicle, Paladin artillery system, Avenger air defense system, and future weapons system platforms.
(74.) Benjamin Kastan, Autonomous Weapons Systems: A Coming Legal
The hope is that they will lead rapidly to formal negotiations on a new treaty that pre-emptively bans weapons systems that do not require meaningful human control over the key functions of targeting and firing.
Austria has urged nations engaged in the development of such weapons systems to freeze these programs, and has called on nations deliberating about starting such development to make a commitment not to do so.
"Very specifically we do not export weapons system to Pakistan.
In this report, the GAO assessed fifty-two DoD weapons systems on three knowledge-based criteria: (1) the level of technology maturity at the start of development, (23) (2) the level of design and technology maturity at the point of the DoD's design review, (24) and (3) the level of production, design and technology maturity at the point of the production decision.
Without the warfighting capability, which the weapons system provides, a pilot is a pilot.
According to Interfax, Klebanov, who in charge of the Russian arms industry, said Russia would help North Korea modernize its existing weapons systems.
The glaring absence of any B-1B presence during Desert Storm underscores the perceived ineptness of this expensive weapons system. In the crucial first days of the war, when it was politically and militarily essential that US.
Each new generation of weapons systems presents new and unprecedented challenges in terms of both measurement methods and test environments.

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