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Next week's home furnishings market in High Point, N.C., will see an abundance of new outdoor furnishings that run the gamut from updated string lights and garden statuary to upscale weather vanes, light-emitting-diode barbecue lamps and weatherproof chandeliers.
DAB digital radios manufacturer PURE Digital, a division of Imagination Technologies (LSE:IMG), has launched Oasis, reportedly the first rechargeable and weatherproof DAB digital radio.
Other developments in the control market include a range of weatherproof timer switches from Elkay Electrical.
All holiday detector sets come in a durable weatherproof carrying case with a battery charger and an extra battery.
Extruded VBoard[R], made from strong, weatherproof extruded plastic, provides exceptional protection against product damage during shipping and storage.
Lamps are completely weatherproof and have a two level dimming switch and a weatherproof grounded cord and plug, 12ft.
Having researched materials for appearance, durability and cost, and following the construction of two full-size prototypes, one of the key technical concerns was how to provide a weatherproof seal behind each of the anodized aluminium domes: the critical point where the seamless insulated rendered facade was penetrated more than 15 975 times.
LIBRA 5800 also features multi-layered security and has tiered service management and user-friendly network management, all in a new, lightweight, easy to install and weatherproof single unit design.
Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd have unveiled their new protective weatherproof pouches, ideal for protecting data-loggers or similar instruments.
Designed for outdoor applications, the Series 679 Weatherproof Pressure Transmitter is compatible with a wide variety of gases and liquids.
Richard Serra is definitely on a roll--of warped, two-inch-thick weatherproof steel.
Made of weatherproof polyethylene, they provide lasting beauty and are virtually maintenance-free.