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weaver finch:

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name for the Ploceidae, a family of Old World seed-eating birds closely resembling finches (hence the alternate name weaver finch). It includes a number of so-called goldfinches and waxbill finches that are actually weaverbirds, rather than true finches of the family
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Scientists filmed male Southern Masked Weaver birds in Botswana as they built multiple nests out of grass during a breeding season.
The fundamentals of weaving are evident in the Fence series and a direct correlation to nature is seen in the elaborate nests of the Ploceidae, weaver birds related to the finch.
He could size up the students' abilities and match them to one of numerous research topics with which he was associated, from bird strikes at airports and nuclear cooling towers, to contamination of production line products by rodents and to techniques for controlling weaver birds in Africa.
Weaver birds have handy beak shapes for weaving, but birds spend many more hours using their beaks for nutritional rather than nesting purposes, so beak shape is most likely to indicate diet.
Languidly drifting down the coppercoloured river Tana, flanked by trees and the chirruping of birds, and having curiosities like the hanging nests of the weaver birds, pointed out to us was a blissful introduction to Kenya.
Occasional vignettes illustrate such things as the differences in the nests of weaver birds, characteristic patterns of gull flights, and aerial song-flight displays among Cisticola species.
Smaller people than I are invited to crawl inside and pretend to be weaver birds.
Contract notice: General planning for the new facility for african rhinos, baboons, and weaver birds aviary at the leipzig zoo.