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name for the Ploceidae, a family of Old World seed-eating birds closely resembling finches (hence the alternate name weaver finch). It includes a number of so-called goldfinches and waxbill finches that are actually weaverbirds, rather than true finches of the family
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Similarly, maximum numbers of nests (n = 30) were recorded for weaver bird (but only at one sampling site), followed by common crow (N = 15), common myna (N= 6), among others black drongo showed 4, black kite and red turtle dove 3 nests each, while Indian robin showed only one nest (Table II).
Renditions of Little Weaver Bird caught the ear of Adrian McNally, Rachel's husband, and that, according to Becky, was the catalyst for the new album, Diversions Vol.
Caption: Like most weaver bird homes, the underside of this nest is covered with dark holes-entrances to tunnels that lead to each family's private unit.
Examples included were black-billed dove (Turtur abyssinicus), marsh warbler (Acrocephalus palustris), and the yellow weaver bird (Ploceus megarhrynchus) compared with birds found in the remaining five wetlands.
Hanging nest: Inspired by the weaver bird, the nest is made from natural materials
She also includes some very unusual creatures that may be less familiar to children, like the weaver bird with its intricate nest and red-sided garter snakes of Manitoba who hibernate in communal pits.
Similarly, the weaver bird protects his offspring by providing a secure nest and allowing one parent to feed the chicks.
His current wife launched The Weaver Bird Unique Gift Baskets, which she operates part-time at a loss--because of the couple's combined debt of more than $20,000.
Materially rustic, but simple in outline and complex in underlying constructional principles, its appeal, like that of the weaver bird's nest, is atavistic.
As you float along under the drooping willows, you 11 see mini-waterfalls and ornate weaver bird nests.
Some local migratory birds, like the Lesser Whistling Duck and Streaked Weaver Bird, also come to the sanctuary at this time.