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We evaluated the Web server application programming interfaces, and determined that Oracle Web Request Broker provides outstanding safety and extensibility.
We believe that Bluestone's acknowledgment of Oracle Web Request Broker as the leading platform for the middle tiers of Internet applications is the latest evidence that Oracle is the best positioned server company moving into the information age," said Mark Jarvis, vice president of Oracle Server Marketing.
By adopting Oracle Web Request Broker, Sapphire/Web is truly integrated into Oracle's environment," continued Jarvis.
Oracle Project Apollo, Oracle WebServer, Oracle Universal Server, Oracle Web Request Broker, and Oracle PowerBrowser are trademarks of Oracle Corporation.
Using Oracle Web Request Broker as a platform for database applications will make Sapphire/Web a more open and scaleable tool," said Bob Bickel, director and general manager of Bluestone's Products Division.
By adopting Oracle Web Request Broker, Sapphire/Web will be truly integrated into Oracles environment," continued Jarvis.