Web hosting

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Web hosting

Making a website available on the Internet. A website contains pages of information stored in a Web server, which is a computer running Web server software connected to the Internet (see website and Web server).

Most organizations use a cloud computing service or an Internet service provider (ISP) to host their websites. A company may require a dedicated Web server or multiple Web servers, while many small businesses share a single server with other customers. To put the equipment into perspective, up to 100 servers can fit in one rack that takes up four square feet of floor space in a datacenter (see blade server). See cloud computing, ISP and server virtualization.

Host Your Own Site
Some enterprises manage their own websites inhouse; however, they can also move their servers to a colocation center to avoid having to house, power and cool the equipment (see colocation).

Customers with residential Internet access may try to run websites on their own Web servers, but ISPs often block Web server traffic to a non-business subscriber. However, over the years, the cost of Web hosting has dropped considerably, and people can have small websites hosted for a few dollars per month. See DDNS relay.

Personal Websites
ISPs may host a personal website with a page limit at no additional cost above the monthly fee for Internet access. In such cases, the individual's name is subordinate to the ISP's domain name; for example, www.friendlyISP.com/john_doe. In order to show a professional face to the world, individuals can register a unique domain name and have their site hosted under that name; for example, www.john_doe.com (see how to register a domain name).
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