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Enhance member relationships via GetActive's integrated e-mail messaging, online advocacy, member dues, event registration, and Web site management. GetActive has more than 400 clients, including the U.S.
Both products also give a company the option of adding more modules to scale up the web site management as and when the needs of the business increases.
An indication of the progress that has been made in resolving issues for some specific Web site management settings, such as governmental sites, is the recent publication of "Archiving Web Resources: Guidelines for Keeping Records of Web-based Activity in the Commonwealth Government," produced by the National Archives of Australia in 2001.
The web site management and content analysis software was only launched in February 2002, but already the company can boast a string of high profile users such as Barclays Bank, CNN and Hewlett-Packard.
The computer industry - software design, Web site management, programming, technical support and customer service - is the focus of the Workforce Network's Employer Visits program on May 15.
Schools, districts, colleges and universities can have professionally designed and easily maintained Web sites through a package that combines the Internet design and marketing experience of the Kennedy Group with the power of a new Web site management tool from Precision Systems Concepts called enTouch-Suite.
'Cheap Web Tricks' contains so much more than just tips on frugal web site management. This is a well-produced book which proffers a wealth of information on how to conceive, create, maintain and even promote a self-made web-site.
Catching the boat with Strudel: Experiences with a Web site management system.
Chandrasekhar sold shares in his Santa Clara, California-based Web site management company, Exodus Communications Inc, for US$95 million this month, and he has raised US$30 million to start another Internet company.
The companies announced in a statement at the beginning of April that they would offer the services, including Web site management and networking services, through 44 Internet data centres in 16 countries.
Trading house Nissho Iwai will contribute 66% of the capital, while the remainder will be put up by NTT-X, a Web site management company affiliated with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
The company partners with ISPs to link into their hosting schemes and crate ImageCafe "franchises." Under this model, the ISP gets a percentage of the $300 fee, gets to keep all the hosting fees, and ImageCafe gets the monthly fee for use of the web site management tool.