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A video file format from Google that is one of the native formats in HTML5. Based on a Matroska profile, WebM was introduced in 2010 with support for the VP8 video and Ogg Vorbis audio codecs. In 2013, VP9 video and Opus audio were added. See Matroska, Ogg Vorbis and HTML5. For the still image counterpart, see WebP.

VP8 Video Codec
WebM acts as a container for the VP8 and VP9 open source compression methods. Originally from On2 Technologies, VP8 was turned into a royalty-free product after Google acquired the company in 2010.

While maintaining visual quality, VP8 can deeply compress video; for example, a raw 323MB SD file can be compressed to 1.9MB, and it can be decoded in low-power platforms such as smartphones and tablets. See On2.

VP9 and VP10
Introduced in 2013, VP9 uses more sophisticated compression methods than VP8, somewhat similar to HEVC (H.265), and it supports parallel processing. VP9 features a 64x64 pixel "superblock" that can be subdivided into smaller blocks for compression.

VP10 was designed to reduce 4K transmission in half. However, it never came to fruition and was incorporated into AV1, along with elements from Xiph/Mozilla's Daala and Cisco's Thor (see AV1). See HEVC.
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By contrast, WebM tools would be free to use and the software would take account of the needs of websites, browsers and smartphones, the report said.
We recognize WebM including VP8 as becoming widely adopted", said Wayne Dai, CEO of VeriSilicon.
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You can use this Mac video converter to convert HD and SD videos or audios to a wide variety of formats (such as MP4, WebM, MOV, MP3, WAV, WMV, etc.) to make them compatible with different media players, iPhones (including the latest iPhone XR, iPhone XS / XS Max and iPhone X), Android phones, editing software, video sharing sites or with other uses.
That company turned out to be none other than Google, which acquired On2 in mid-2009 to form the basis of the WebM project, which married together the benefits of the Matroska file format with the video compression of VP8.