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By the way, you can upload the registered project to FARO SCENE WebShare Cloud from on-site, so that interested parties can view the project already before you are back in the office.
All partners involved worldwide get immediate access to the captured data after exporting them into Scene WebShare Cloud, without having to visit the site.
FARO Technologies has released their newest version of laser scanning software, FARO SCENE 5.3, and scan data hosting-service, SCENE WebShare Cloud 1.5.
My June NewsLink Spotlight article looked at Encyclopaedia Britannica's new WebShare program, which opened the Britannica Online site for free access to web publishers and permits free links to full-text entries.
WebShare, EtherShare, and PCShare provide integrated cross-platform networking for Mac, Windows and Web clients, with advanced file and print server services, and easy remote server administration.
The HELIOS UB product range includes EtherShare UB, PCShare UB and WebShare UB, providing integrated cross-platform networking for remote web clients and Windows and Mac clients, with remote server administration and advanced file and print server services.
An additional advantage of the WireSpeed modem is that it can be turned into a networking solution with a simple upgrade with Westell's WebShare Networking Software.
Savit began using a well-known shareware technology called Webshare about three years ago to provide access to the information resting on Merrill Lynch's mainframe.
The directory "WebShare" is created during installation of the Personal Web Server and is generally where text, data, and executable files are kept:
Completed scan projects can be uploaded to the FARO's WebShare Cloud, where they are immediately available to project participants for measurements or further documentations.
Savit decided to use Webshare, from Beyond Software, to provide access to the information resting on his mainframe.
Part of the enabling solution is 'data connecting and sharing' - WebShare Cloud in this instance is the current place where data storage, access, analysis and sharing can take place online and then accessed by those with very little software training required.