Wei Chang-Hui

Wei Ch’ang-Hui


Date of birth unknown; died 1856. One of the leaders of the Taiping Rebellion in China.

Wei Ch’ang-Hui came from the milieu of the small gentry. He joined the Taiping movement in 1847 and commanded a large unit of the Taiping army. In 1852 he was given the title of northern prince, and in 1853 he became a member of the Taiping government. In September 1856, on the basis of personal and factional enmity, he conspired against the head of the government, Yang Hsiu-ch’ing, who was murdered along with more than 20,000 of his supporters in Nanking. In October 1856, Wei Ch’ang-hui was killed on the order of the supreme chief of the Taiping government, Hung Hsiuch’üan.


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