Welding Torch

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welding torch

[′weld·iŋ ‚tȯrch]
A gas-mixing and burning tool for the welding of metal.

Welding Torch


part of a welding apparatus. In electric welding, the torch conducts electric current to the electrode and carries the shielding gas to the arc zone of the welding arc. In gas welding, the torch serves to adjust the mixture of gases and to guide the welding flame. The torch may be moved along the edges being welded by hand (in manual or semiautomatic welding) or automatically (in automatic welding).

Welding torches used in electric welding with consumable electrodes have a head equipped with an interchangeable tip through which the electrode wire extends. The head conducts the current and guides the electrode. A stream of gas is fed through a guide nozzle; the gas shields the weld puddle and the electrode from the atmosphere. Torches used with nonconsumable electrodes have a head equipped with a current-carrying collet clamp.

Welding torches used in gas welding feed the fuel gases, such as acetylene and oxygen, to the weld site. The gases pass through two channels and regulating valves and then enter a mixing chamber, where a combustible mixture is prepared; the mixture then enters the head. Low-pressure torches are equipped with a built-in injector that provides suction of the fuel gases. In high-pressure torches, the fuel gas is fed under pressure from gas generators or from cylinders.


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I saw the blue and white flame bursting out of the welding torch, the sparks showering the worker's bare hands, his naked eyes squinting warily at the point the flame meets steel, his teeth gritted and his lips pursed with the strain.
British welding ancillaries manufacturer Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) provide a wide range of trailing shields to fit any make of TIG (GTAW), MIG or Plasma (PAW) welding torch for manual or automatic welding.
DC engine (MCC) used for oscillation movement of welding torch and welding head position correction.
After some experiments, structural craftsmen determined the launchers could be destroyed using a welding torch, so the craftsmen made a work table to hold the launchers while they were torched.
Thick, black fumes produced by the fire - which started when sparks from a welding torch blew onto a pile of 1,500 tons of tyre wire - blew over the sea onto the Headland.
Started when sparks from a welding torch ignited air conditioning filters, the fire caused minor smoke and water damage.
A wide variety of commercial and industrial operations subject their employees to dangerously high temperatures, whether the peril is as mundane as the business end of a live welding torch or as extreme as a cauldron of molten metal on its way to casting.
The torch tower is moved on an easy-glide rail and has a smooth action torch geometry setting system to make it simple to lock the welding torch into the perfect position.
Options available for the FlexArc[R] C cell include the ABB automated calibration system BullsEye, a torch cleaner assembly, SmarTac tactile sensing, AWC through-the-arc weld tracking, welding torch water cooler, photo-optic light curtains, fume extraction hood, and tooling fixtures.
She plays a girl who is a dab hand with a welding torch and who inherits her dad's junkyard.
Pc Emma Lewis said: "Among the items are a Karcher power washer, a petrol disc cutter, three jigsaws (Bosch and Raleigh); a Black and Decker circular saw; a Wizarc welder; nail gun; industrial breathing equipment; welding torch and a woofer cylinder speaker.
Performing with a separately mounted welding torch, the Romat 500 robot can move a part or assembly via its programmed axes while the same robot controller can also move the welding torch.