see GuelphsGuelphs
, European dynasty tracing its descent from the Swabian count Guelph or Welf (9th cent.), whose daughter Judith married the Frankish emperor Louis I. Guelph III (d. 1055) was made (1047) duke of Carinthia and margrave of Verona.
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The Danish support for the Welfs was strengthened by the fact that the Hohenstaufens tried to claim supremacy over Denmark.
Denmark had marital links with both the Welfs and the Hohenstaufens, and had never officially broken with the Emperor.
Not only was the country closely involved in European politics but Ingeborg herself was rather coveted on the marriage market and had received proposals from both the Welfs and the Hohenstaufens.
The union could give him political advantages, both against the Angevins and the Welfs.
Her treatment includes the royal lineages of the Carolingians, Robertians/Capetians, Welfs, and Ottonians; a selection of countal houses, particularly from the Burgundian region with which she is most familiar; as well as another selection of Castellan families.