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see sequoiasequoia
, name for the redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) and for the big tree, or giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), both huge, coniferous evergreen trees of the bald cypress family, and for extinct related species.
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The mature garden overlooks open fields and is bordered by a selection of mature trees, including a Redwood and two Wellingtonias. There is also a small orchard and productive vegetable garden.
ROYAL DOWNSTAIRS BBC2 Monday, Queen Victoria also planted a tree, a Wellingtonia, which still survives to this day.
The Old Vicarage is surrounded by its own mature grounds with fine ornamental trees including a Wellingtonia. The grounds are surrounded by open farmland which is typical of this beautiful area.
In the grounds are paths leading to the edge of the lake and many specimen trees: wellingtonia, redwood, gingkoa, and weeping lime.
Edwards writes, "it may be that the traveller who finds himself for the first time in the midst of a grove of Wellingtonia gigantea feels something of the same overwhelming sense of awe and wonder; but the great trees, though they have taken three thousand years to grow, lack the pathos and the mystery that comes of human labour." (34) The strange beauty of the Dolomite peaks had fascinated Edwards while she sketched them, but Edwards was a woman of culture, and the monuments of ancient Egypt opened vast new regions of history and experience for her to contemplate.
For the past three years I have been trying to grow a lawn under a massive, 80-foot-high Wellingtonia Pine, which completely dominates my garden.
25-31 Oct 1840.--Type: Wellingtonia Meisn., 1840.--Validated by a diagnosis in Latin and an indirect reference to the illegitimate (Art.
Botanical superlatives became commonplace in this region of America, which to this day has the tallest (coast redwood) and the biggest (Wellingtonia or sequoiadendron) trees in the world.
There is the newly-introduced Golden Dawn Redwood, the cultivar Goldrush and a rare Hungarian form of the Wellingtonia of Giant Redwood, with its weeping side branches cascading down the trunk.
The English, naturally, thought Wellingtonia gigantea would be fitting.
They include a sandstone terrace and York stone steps with architecturally landscaped water features connected by a long rill; well-stocked borders; a terrace with a "thyme walk"; yew-lined croquet lawn; circular triple fountain with views of the Teme Valley; lawns and trees including a Wellingtonia, a Polynesia, a Judas tree, a golden rain tree and a cedar.
It is characterised by the Wellingtonia tree with screening beech and laurel hedges, flagged patio area taking full advantage of the sunny rear aspect, summer house, vegetable plot and soft fruit area.

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