Welsh Marches

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Welsh Marches,

lands in Wales along the English border. After the Norman conquest of England in the 11th cent., William I established the border earldoms of Chester, Shrewsbury, and Hereford to protect his English kingdom. Norman barons were encouraged by William's successors to conquer and hold other earldoms in the east of Wales. These nobles ruled as petty feudal princes, owing allegiance only to the king. Attempts to control the resulting lawlessness were made by Edward I and by Edward IV, who set up the Council of Wales and the Marches in 1471. Finally the act of Union (1536) abolished the more than 100 marcher lordships, providing for their division into Welsh shires or their incorporation into English counties.
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It was up towards the Welsh border, and so difficult of access that he had concluded it must be something special.
"It would seem that Henry," said the priest, "by his continued breaches of both the spirit and letter of the Oxford Statutes is but urging the barons to resort to arms; and the fact that he virtually forced Prince Edward to take up arms against Humphrey de Bohun last fall, and to carry the ravages of war throughout the Welsh border provinces, convinces me that he be by this time well equipped to resist De Montfort and his associates."
Born and raised in the Welsh borders, his work has been selected for the National Eisteddfod of Wales a remarkable nine times and was awarded the People's Choice in 2004 His search for inspiration, along with his love of the outdoors and desire for adventure, takes him through dramatic and imposing landscapes, as he explores places that are sometimes familiar yet are often shrouded in cloud and mist.
Speaking ahead of the NSA Wales & Border Ram Sale to be held at the Royal Welsh Showground on Monday, September 24, auctioneer Richard Gwilliam, who lives and works in the Welsh Borders, said that the balance had swung too far in favour of environmental schemes.
Both well known figures in the rural business communities of Shropshire, Staffordshire and the Welsh Borders, Sarah Baugh and Tom Devey join FBC Manby Bowdler's 13 strong specialist agricultural team from MFG Solicitors.
HSBC has appointed a fourth agricultural banking manager to cover north east wales and the Welsh Borders.
If you are the kind of cycle tourist who likes to make sideways excursions rather than just biking straight ahead, there is no greater joy than cycle touring in Wales and the Welsh Borders of England.
"Once we get up to North Wales we will then head down the Welsh Borders to make it a 2,000-mile round trip."
Temperatures plunged well below zero all over the country last night with figures as low as minus 9degC (16degF) in the Pennines and Welsh Borders.
An observation point near the peak offers panoramic views of the Seven Valley, Shropshire, the Welsh borders and Brierley Hill.
Tales From The Green Valley (BBC2, Friday) sees men in doublets and women in corsets, struggling to survive on the Welsh borders. They must eat, drink and work in an authentic 17th-century fashion, harvesting hay with scythes, eating pigeons and ploughing with oxen.
Warwickshire County Council's social services department - which supports 25,000 vulnerable residents and employs 3,000 people across the county - beat dozens of other public sector entries from the Welsh borders across to East Anglia.

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