Welsh corgi

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Welsh corgi:

see Cardigan Welsh corgiCardigan Welsh corgi,
breed of short, long-bodied working dog believed to have been introduced into Wales from Central Europe c.1200 B.C. It stands about 12 in. (30.5 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 15 to 25 lb (6.8–11.3 kg).
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; Pembroke Welsh corgiPembroke Welsh corgi,
breed of short-legged, hardy working dog thought to have been introduced into South Wales by Flemish immigrants in the early 12th cent. It stands from 10 to 12 in. (25.4–30.5 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 18 to 24 lb (8.2–10.9 kg).
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Searches for Cardigan Welsh corgis have also soared by 59 per cent to 2,231, with the numbers registered up by 70 per cent.
The archaeologists are hoping to work with the Welsh Corgi Club in a bid to test their hypothesis against a more recent corgi skeleton.
They include Pembroke Welsh corgi Winston who, with 18,600 fans, has more followers than Birmingham's Hollywood star David Harewood, best-known for Homeland and currently in The Night Manager, who has 9,500 followers.
Some of the Instagram "stars" - including a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Winston - have even been credited with reviving the popularity of their breed.
The Pembroke Welsh corgi, which is on the Kennel Club's list of native dog breeds that are 'At Watch' because their numbers are so low, has increased in popularity by 54% in the first half of 2015, compared to the same period in 2014.
Prince Andrew the Duke of York has visited the Tech City offices of enterprise social network Yammer in East London, where he was given a 3D-printed Welsh corgi as a gift.
Q I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Princess, who has always been very good, never showing aggression toward other dogs or people until recently, when a German Shepherd jumped her from behind.
The former 'Friends' star was left distraught when her Welsh corgi terrier mix passed away at the age of 15 last spring and she decided to get his name tattooed onto her right foot, Contactmusic reported.
These and many more homeless animals can be found at Dogs Trust in Honiley near Kenilworth MURRAY is a tan Welsh corgi cross and he is about eight years old.
Donations if desired may be sent for the Welsh Corgi Rescue Service (Charity No.
Darin Ward of Eugene brought along both of his dogs: Hucky, a miniature schnauzer, and Griffin Davenditch O'Chaps Ward, Griffey for short, a Cardigan Welsh corgi.

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