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The impost or place where the vertical support for an arch terminates and the curve of the arch begins; the lower voussoir, or bottom stone of an arch, which lies immediately on an impost.
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(full name, Axel Springer Verlag A.G.), a newspaper concern in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). The firm was established in Hamburg by A. Springer in 1947 and became a joint-stock company in 1970. Springer publishes several dailies, notably Die Welt, Hamburger Abendblatt, and Bildzeitung, with a circulation of more than 40 percent of the total for all dailies in the FRG. It also publishes Sunday newspapers and magazines.

Springer publications regularly print propaganda against the USSR and other socialist countries and against the communist movement and democratic forces within the FRG.

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springer, skewback, summer

springer, 1: S
1. The impost or place where the vertical support for an arch
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