Welsh terrier

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Welsh terrier,

breed of medium-sized terrierterrier,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate dogs originally bred to start small game and vermin from their burrows or, in the case of several breeds in this group, to go to earth and kill their prey. Today these dogs are raised chiefly as pets.
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 developed in Wales more than a century ago. It stands about 15 in. (38 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs about 20 lb (9 kg). Its close-lying, harsh, wiry coat may be black and tan or black, grizzle, and tan in color. The direct descendant of the old English wirehaired black-and-tan sporting dogs from which have come many of the present-day terriers, the Welsh terrier was renowned for its gameness on badger, fox, and otter. In recent times it has been raised chiefly as a pet. See dogdog,
carnivorous, domesticated wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) of the family Canidae, to which the jackal and fox also belong. The family Canidae is sometimes referred to as the dog family, and its characteristics, e.g.
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It's another Welsh terrier singing and when she hears it, she starts howling like crazy.
Her name is Lola, she is a three-and-a-half-year-old Welsh Terrier and is the greatest dog in the world.
"I get away by walking my dog (a cross between a Welsh terrier and a Jack Russell named Gerrard after his favourite Liverpool footballer Steven) at a country park where hardly anyone is about."
Jean Wilkinson, from Prescot, with her Welsh terrier, Dylis, at the PDSA Easter Dog Show at Bowring Park, Huyton Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL/mb220308pdsaDog
"A Great Dane always beats a Welsh terrier," said the colourful Marley
Detectives were yesterday continuing their hunt for 'dognappers' who threatened to kill a Catholic priest's Welsh terrier if he did not pay a pounds 3,000 ransom demand.
Earlier in the drama-packed day, Ian Woosnam lived up to his nickname of the little Welsh terrier.
The monarch's choice and the Welsh terrier appear on a list of four dogs dubbed "at watch" by the Kennel Club.
At the moment, Dawn is working hard and off screen is happy at home with Paul and her Welsh terrier Murphy.
Welsh Terrier Basil is putting his best paw forward to walk 177 miles along the Wales-England border, raising money for Hope Rescue along the way.
Santas of all ages make a colourful and spectacular sight on Llandudno prom as they run to raise money for Ty Gobaith children's hospice Pictures: RICHARD WILLIAMS; George walks over the finishing line with the help of sister Amy (left) and Auntie Lynne Dewi, the Welsh terrier Santa
James Hammond, 15, from Monkstown in Dublin impressed judges at the prestigious dog trials in Britain with his handling of Welsh Terrier Betsy.