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Secondary growth and wood histology of Welwitschia. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 118: 107-121.
Caption: Samuel Neshuku, Director at Nam Career Service and a member of Welwitschia Education Iniative.
They include the oryx, springbok and the Welwitschia mirabilis, a desert shrub, the oldest of which is estimated to be 1,500 years old.
In your article on Welwitschia mirabilis, you state that "botanists have classified it with conifers." On the contrary, botanists classify it in the phylum Gnetophyta, along with Gnetum and Ephedra, rather than in the phylum Coniferophyta.
?Como puede una planta, la Welwitschia mirabilis, sobrevivir, germinar durante sesenta anos, ofrecer humedad a rumiantes que mastican sus hojas, y como se ha convertido en un simbolo de vida en medio de lo que la humanidad considera la muerte?
Extant seed plants comprise five clades [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]: cycads, Ginkgo, conifers, angiosperms, and Gnetales (Ephedra, Welwitschia, Gnetum).
Namibite was first described as a new mineral by von Knorring and Sahama (1981) from a small, polymetallic, hydrothermal quartz vein deposit near Khorixas (formerly Welwitschia) in northwestern Namibia.
Profiles of animals (camels, alpaca, rattlesnakes, scorpions), plants (saguaros, tumbleweeds, date palms, Welwitschia) and people (Zuni, aborigines, Tuareg) enliven descriptions of deserts around the world.
The wood of conifers shows no protracted juvenilism (except perhaps in rays of Welwitschia), However, angiosperms have a rich assemblage of juvenile features the expression of which may extend for various periods of time--perhaps for the entire vegetative history of a particular plant (Carlquist 1962, 2009a).
What's more, some eyecatching European broodmares have been picked up by Slack's bloodstock advisor Jehan Malherbe in recent years, among them Berry Blaze, a daughter of Danehill Dancer and Strawberry Roan, a Group 1-placed half-sister to Generous and sister to Imagine; Princess Patches, a daughter of Galileo out of a half-sister to Grandera and George Washington; and Welwitschia, a Group 3 winner in South Africa by Oasis Dream out of a half-sister to Sun Chariot winner Lady In Waiting.
The Welwitschia Drive is also a great way to explore the Namibian landscape.