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Goldman identifies Wendigo stories as "disaster narratives" (2001, 167) that emerge "in social systems in crisis" (169).
Peliculas mas recientes como Wendigo (Larry Fessenden, 2001) revelan la perpetua dependencia del genero cinematografico del temor hacia la otredad.
Le Wendigo de la mythologie des peuples Algonquins est decrit, par Margaret Atwood, comme << a giant spirit creature with a heart and sometimes an entire body of ice, and prodigious strength ; and that can travel as fast as the wind >> (1995, p.
Rare indeed is the anthology of the spectral that does not include at least one of his tales, usually "The Willows," "The Wendigo," or "The Empty House.
Firelands by Michael Jensen (Alyson)--Gay frontiersmen face a hungry wendigo in this violent novel that erases boundaries.
Scores of classic Wolverine villains including Sabretooth, Wendigo, and Magneto are waiting to be duffed up, while Beast, Rogue and Colossus come to Wolverine's aid throughout game.
Marlene Goldman's contribution concentrates on Margaret Atwood and her employment of the First Nations' construction of the Wendigo.
Also available: Dark Blue World (12); Focus (PG); Lawless Heart (15); Wendigo (15).
He initially was attracted to it, he says, because his dad used to be part-owner of a firm called the Wendigo Construction Co.
If only he'd listened to those Indian legends about the Wendigo and how eating another man's flesh cures disease and increases your strength, but also leaves you with an insatiable appetite for more, curable only by death.
From its general construction and style, as well as its size, silhouette, and the insufferable noise it makes, it may be the Wabash Cannonball, the Redball Express, the Hondo Hurricane, the Laredo Limited, the Delaware Lackawanna and Western Delight, the Erie Smoke, the Santa Fe Savage, the Missouri-Pacific Blazer, the Texas-Pacific Tornado, the Union Pacific Paramount, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Zippo, the Toonerville Trolley, the Zenith Hummingbird, the Western Pacific Wendigo, the Pennsylvania Phantom, the Long Island Stroller, or the Tuscaloosa Breeze.
The oral tradition of the Anishinaubaek is well represented here, with tales of mermaids (who can steal your soul) and the wendigo, the giant ice cannibal who haunts the winter wilderness.