West Feliciana Parish

West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

PO Box 1921
Saint Francisville, LA 70775
Phone: (225) 635-3864
Fax: (225) 635-3705

On the northern border of LA, northwest of Baton Rouge; organized Feb 17, 1824 from Feliciana Parish. Name Origin: From the divison of Feliciana Parish into two parishes: East and West

Area (sq mi):: 426.01 (land 406.00; water 20.01) Population per square mile: 37.40
Population 2005: 15,199 State rank: 52 Population change: 2000-20005 0.60%; 1990-2000 17.00% Population 2000: 15,111 (White 48.10%; Black or African American 50.50%; Hispanic or Latino 1.00%; Asian 0.20%; Other 0.60%). Foreign born: 0.50%. Median age: 36.60
Income 2000: per capita $16,201; median household $39,667; Population below poverty level: 19.90% Personal per capita income (2000-2003): $16,062-$17,183
Unemployment (2004): 6.90% Unemployment change (from 2000): 0.60% Median travel time to work: 28.40 minutes Working outside county of residence: 41.50%
Cities with population over 10,000: None
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Kenny Havard of West Feliciana Parish and Major Thibaut of Pointe Coupee Parish won parish president jobs; and Rep.
Ruthie also let behind, and was in the intervening months loved and supported by, the community of Starhill in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana--"one of the last real places in America" as one of her brother's friends later describes it.
Emergence traps captured 24 adults (11 [female][female], 13 [male][male]) of this distinctive but uncommonly collected species in 2 areas of West Feliciana Parish from 17 samples of dead woody debris (limbs) with obvious signs of decay, collected from the ground, with samples comprised either of 1-2.5 inch diameter limbs probably dead for more than 1 year, or of 2.5- to 10-inch diameter limbs with loose bark and fungal staining but still structurally sound (Mike Ferro, personal communication, Jan 2008).
WEST FELICIANA Parish: Feliciana Preserve: 30 [degrees]47.607'N 91 [degrees]15.272'W, 25-III to 22-IV-2007, LN14A-CWD Rear 1, M.
WEST FELICIANA Parish: 30 [degrees]47'N 91 [degrees]15'W, mixed pine hdwd Berlese, [no date], J.
Tucked away in the far southwest corner of Mississippi and lying just across the line from West Feliciana Parish in Louisiana, Clark Creek Natural Area is one of nature's gems.
To my judgement that is one of the most important things you could have done for us especially in West Feliciana Parish....
And he gave me 24 hours to be gone off the farm." [24] In June 1937, a group of white men broke into the home of Willie Scott in West Feliciana Parish, seeking to lynch him.
We are not going to make trouble but must protect our rights." [128] In 1937, a report on the situation in West Feliciana Parish noted that "some of the negro union officers were quite capable of determined, courageous and effective leadership and quite competent to take care of themselves in a test of strength with the whites." [ 129] Despite planters' attempts to kill them, Willie and Irene Scott returned to the parish and continued their union activities.
But I concede that my sister, as closed-minded as she was about life outside of West Feliciana Parish, was onto something.
The company has entered into an agreement, subject to definitive documentation, to sell a portion of its interest in the western area of the company's Tuscaloosa Marine Shale acreage position in East and West Feliciana Parishes, Louisiana for $3.3M The transaction is expected to close on or before June 15, 2018.

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