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West Flanders,

Du. West-Vlaanderen, Fr. Flandre Occidentale, province (1991 pop. 1,106,829), W Belgium, bordering on the North Sea in the west, on the Netherlands in the northeast, and on France in the south. The chief cities are BrugesBruges
or Brugge
, city (1991 pop. 117,063), capital of West Flanders prov., NW Belgium, connected by canal with Zeebrugge (on the North Sea), its outer port. It is a rail junction as well as a commercial, industrial, and tourist center.
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 (the capital), KortrijkKortrijk
, Fr. Courtrai, city (1991 pop. 76,141), West Flanders prov., SW Belgium, on the Leie River. It is an important linen, lace, and textile-manufacturing center. Kortrijk was one of the earliest (14th cent.
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, OostendeOostende
, Fr. Ostende, city (1991 pop. 68,500), West Flanders prov., W Belgium, on the North Sea. It is a major commercial and fishing port, connected by canals with Bruges and Ghent. Oostende is also an industrial and rail center, as well as a seaside resort.
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, YpresYpres
, Du. Ieper, commune (1991 pop. 35,235), West Flanders prov., SW Belgium, near the French border. It is an agricultural market and an industrial center. Manufactures include textiles, textile-making machinery, and processed food.
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, and RoeselareRoeselare
, Fr. Roulers, city (1991 pop. 532,872), West Flanders prov., W Belgium. It is an industrial center. Manufactures include textiles, chemicals, and metal products. At Roeselare, in 1794, the French under Pichegru defeated the Austrians.
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. West Flanders is drained by the Leie and Yser rivers and has many small canals. It has considerable fertile soil; grain, flax, potatoes, sugar beets, and tobacco are grown. Dairy cattle are raised. Fishing is pursued in the North Sea. The province's varied manufactures include textiles, linen, and metal goods. West Flanders is mainly Dutch-speaking. For its history, see FlandersFlanders
, former county in the Low Countries, extending along the North Sea and W of the Scheldt (Escaut) River. It is divided among East Flanders and West Flanders provs., Belgium; Nord and Pas-de-Calais depts., France; and (to a small extent) Zeeland prov., the Netherlands.
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West Flanders


(West-Vlaanderen), a province in Belgium; situated on the North Sea in the basin of the Ijzer and Lys rivers. Area, 3,200 sq km. Population, 1,069,800 (1975). The provincial capital is the city of Bruges. The land is used for both industrial and agricultural purposes. The main branches of industry in the province are machine building and the textile industry and are centered in Bruges, Sint-Michiels, Roeselare, and Kortrijk. The agricultural sector mainly specializes in the cultivation of grain and sugar beets and the raising of livestock; flax, tobacco, and chicory are also grown. Zeebrugge is an important port, and Oostende is an internationally famous health resort on the sea.

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West Flanders

a province of W Belgium: the country's chief agricultural province. Capital: Bruges. Pop.: 1 135 802 (2004 est.). Area: 3132 sq. km (1209 sq. miles)
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Like the North Sea gales across West Flanders, this toasty and aromatic ale smoothes out any rough terrain as it sweeps across your palate."
The West Flanders provincial authority has agreed to create and maintain a Welsh garden of remembrance to surround the memorial.
They've got East and West Flanders but we've got Ned Flanders (aka Hugh Keevins).
Offered recently for EUR 3.08 at an outlet in the West Flanders region of Belgium, the product is available at Cora stores nationwide, as well as in France, the French West Indies, Luxembourg and Romania.
Silver-stained roundels and unipartite panels before the French revolution, Flanders; v.2: The provinces of East and West Flanders.
BRUGES is the capital of the West Flanders province of Belgium, has a population of 116,000 and is the home of Club Brugge.
Belgium is the first country to benefit from the recently revised regulation of the European Globalisation adjustment Fund (EGF) after the European Commission has approved two applications for support to 2,168 Belgian textile workers who had lost their job in Limburg, East Flanders and West Flanders. The EGF aid will total almosta9.2 million.
Eurofreez produces a range of high quality potato products at its site in Proven (West Flanders, Belgium), including a wide range of frozen mashed potatoes and portioned gratins, Eurofreez considerably increased its production capacity in 2007 and currently exports to 65 countries worldwide.
Zulte are based in the town of Waregem, in the Belgian province of West Flanders.
Six teachers were also on the coach which was travelling to Cologne in Germany when it crashed into a bridge in Middelkerke, West Flanders, and shot off the road.
Six teachers were also on the coach, which was travelling to Cologne in Germany when it crashed into a bridge in Middelkerke, West Flanders, and shot off the road.

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