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West Germany:

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, Ger. Deutschland, officially Federal Republic of Germany, republic (2015 est. pop. 81,708,000), 137,699 sq mi (356,733 sq km). Located in the center of Europe, it borders the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France on the west; Switzerland and Austria on
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West Germany

a former republic in N central Europe, on the North Sea: established in 1949 from the zones of Germany occupied by the British, Americans, and French after the defeat of Nazi Germany; a member of the European Community; reunited with East Germany in 1990
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The West Germans declared its hunt for Bormann over in 1971, and it turned out they were right to do so.
Grunbacher has produced a significant book on the history of entrepreneurs' mentality during the West German economic miracle that will be a very useful resource for scholars and postgraduate students interested in the economic and political history of Germany.
In contrast, in 1983 about 39% of West German women were part of the labour force, most of whom worked part-time (Guenther 2010).
East Germany was so desperate to get West German currency that the regime even sold large numbers of East German political prisoners into freedom for millions of dollars each year.
West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl flew to West Berlin and hoped to speak with Krenz, who has stunned the world with rapid reforms intended to appease pro-democracy demonstrators and end the exodus to the West.
e mottled turquoise and black vase is by one of the the largest West German producers, Scheurich, founded in 1954; while the extremely bright orange vase is by Jasba.
West German diplomatic personnel later met in Cairo with Hafiz Ismail, a close adviser to Egyptian president Anwar Sadat, and relayed the Israeli proposal, which Ismail reportedly rejected bluntly.
Slobodian begins with the striking fact that in the early 1960s there were ten times as many students at West German universities from Asia, Africa, and Latin America as from the United States.
Government media noted the complex was as a result of a request made Douglas Devananda, Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development to the West German government.
Ritter divides his study into three sections: Part I examines the political, legal, economic, and social framework within which unification unfolded; Part II focuses on the policy decisions by the East and West German governments, culminating in the State Treaty of May and the Unification Treaty of September 1990 that forged the creation of the new political and social union; and Part III analyzes the changes to the German welfare state after unification.
Fort Washington, PA, September 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- West German BMW has just released several great service specials at their Fort Washington, PA dealership.
Despite Germany's observance of the memorials, questions have arisen over security measures that West German officials took -- or failed to take -- ahead of the 1972 killings.

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