West New Guinea

West New Guinea:

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or Irian Jaya
, province (2014 est pop. 3,486,000), 123,180 sq mi (319,036 sq km), Indonesia. Comprising most of the western half of New Guinea and a number of offshore islands, it is Indonesia's largest province; the extreme western peninsulas and offshore
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, Indonesia.
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1962 - The Netherlands and Indonesia settle West New Guinea dispute.
The labor to write such a general survey is both hazardous and Herculean, and this applies in particular to Southeast Asia, comprising 4.5 million km2 and 600 million inhabitants, now living in 11 nation states stretching from Himalayan Myanmar to West New Guinea. It was for many centuries a seemingly heterogeneous category stretching between China and India.
The next UN mission the Pakistan Army undertook was the West Irian (West New Guinea) conflict, which occurred between Indonesia and the Netherlands in 1962.
Dubbeldam, "Some thoughts about fighting," United Nations Temporary Executive Authority in West New Guinea West Irian Bureau of Native Affairs Working Papers in Dani Ethnology 1, Hamilton Library of the University of Hawai'i, Huo, Hawai, USA, 1962.
Finally, Pouwer's researches in several areas of west New Guinea had made him intensely interested in formulating a theoretical framework that would account for the characteristics of New Guinean social and cultural formations, while Hylkema carried out ethnographic inquiries because he thought it would promote his and his successors' pastoral work.
An interesting aspect of Weir's posting to Canberra was his visits to both Papua New Guinea (then a trust territory administered by Australia) and West New Guinea (then administered by the Dutch but claimed by Indonesia).
Britain and the West New Guinea dispute; 1949-1962.
In eight chapters the author addresses geography and population, traditional cultures and religions, European colonization, evangelization (in two chapters), movements, emerging independence, and current statistical data of the churches across Melanesia (Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, East and West New Guinea).
Australia itself is--in the words of its national anthem--a country "girth by sea." But until 1975, Australia was a colonial power, and its largest colony and closest neighbour, the then Australian Territory of Papua and New Guinea, shared a land border with first the Dutch colony of West New Guinea, and then Indonesia.
In 2000 the independence movement in West New Guinea (now known as Irian Jaya) ended in a mutual blood-letting by Christians and Muslims.
It was in West New Guinea, Irian Jaya, among the Asmat people, that
Next, two Dutch scholars, Max Metselaar and Bertjan Verbeek, offer a case study of flawed Dutch cabinet decisions between 1960 and 1962 concerning West New Guinea. They show that although the Dutch decisions appear consistent with groupthink, other variables offer as compelling an explanation.

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